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ATN X sight 5-18 Night Vision scope

The day/night scope aspect is what I'm interested in too and I agree the rest is fluff. I'm not even sure how much I would use the video.

Since I would be using it on a .308, I need to know how to adjust elevation for different ranges and the manual doesn't address that.
Pawpaw, I haven't shot it, but the bdc seems that it would be convoluted at best.

I haven't been able to install the firmware update because either the scope isn't accepting it or I'm doing it wrong (probably the latter), but from what I can see, you'd have to have a smart device tied to it in wifi to input the settings, but here is the tablet screen for the bdc

atn obsidian.png

atn x sight 007.JPG

OK, for the nitty gritty.

I have been using it for 30-40 minutes so far, mostly with the wifi enabled because I've been trying to figure out how to update the firmware, but I have also taken a few video's just to learn how. I will update the topic with a video later after dark so I can get day and night video of the same areas for image quality comparisons. I will also use both the white and green night vision types.

As foggy as it is, I'm certain that the usable range will be decreased, but that's good. At least I'll know what to expect because it's not always sunny and 72 degrees and nice out so I'm glad to be seeing how it does in inclement weather.

The scope weighs 50.1 ounces with batteries and microsd card installed. I currently am using Duracell 2400 maH rechargeable batteries. I also have some Tenergy Premium 2600 maH rechargeable batteries incoming as well. Just for reference, the Duracells were showing 1.35 volts.

I will include video to the topic later tonight. I'm going to note the yardage with my rangefinder to get an idea of the sight picture, and also quality at those distances. Just remember that the fog is thick and visibility is less than 300 yards anyway because I can't even make out the mountain on the other side of the holler from where I am at right now.

I am going to try both the IR light that came with it, and also my old surefire G2 with IR lens. I will note that the G2 used to wash out my old NV scope at the close distances so I'm not sure how it will work with this one yet either. It had a lot of visible red light too. The new IR light is not nearly as visible with the naked eye.

I will also say, that for anyone wanting to use this scope for HD, it probably won't work for that. The magnification is too much for it at very close range that you would see inside of a house, but with a little distance in between you and the target, seems to be doing pretty good.

I have also noted that during the day mode, at long and short distances, I have had to adjust the focus when going to/from short and longer distance.

More later.
Thanks John. I wasn't expecting too much from the BDC function. I'm mostly interested in how to manually adjust the elevation and windage, like you would on an optical scope.

For instance, if my scope is zeroed at 100 yards and I go to take a shot at 300 yards, I can look up the bullet drop and see that I need to add (for example) 3.5 MOA of elevation. Can I do that with this scope?

Whenever you have time. As I said before no rush.
To my knowledge (for what that's worth), once the scope is zero'd, you input the data above, and the scope automatically adjusts for that with the ballistics calculator thingy.

I'm still trying to figure out how to update the firmware.

I'll probably contact ATN about that tomorrow.
Here is some random video during the day, and at night with both grey and green hue.

The newer firmware version supposedly has the updates that remedied the occasional video blink that you can see in my test and also now shows the crosshairs.

Nice, was that just picking up ambient light? It did not look like you were using any additional IR source.
No, that was with an IR.

But I have also found out that there are 3 different sensitivity settings on the scope and the IR has different intensity levels as well.
Just for perspective how dark was it when you did your night testing? I assume you could see little to nothing with the naked eye.
In the backyard at the coop, there was a little bit of light from a streetlight in my front yard, but no direct light. Enough that I can make out an outline/silhouette with my eye, but not much more than that.

At the longer ranges in the video where I was looking between the house and garage in front of me toward the centerline of the road, is nearly entirely dark.

The car lot has a nearby streetlight, but at the far corner of their property.
The video performance looks awesome. I assume it looked just as good through the ocular lens.

BTW, was that taken with or without the gyro stabilization turned on?
It was shaky because I was trying to hold the scope up while looking through it trying to be still all at the same time

I don't know if there is even a setting for the gryo stabilization. I haven't seen one for it, but the shaking was me. I noticed that when I propped my hand against the door frame, it was still.
OK, I was just curious. I had assumed the shake was user induced, because it's not mounted on a rifle.

BTW, this morning I used the contact link on ATN's website to ask my question:

On the X-sight - After zeroing the sight, how do you temporarily adjust windage and elevation?
Will those adjustments show in the display?
What is the adjustment per step and are those adjustments TMOA, SMOA, MILS OR MRAD?
These are basic riflescope functions, but I have been unable to locate the answers in your online manual.

I already got an answer, which speaks well for their tech support, if not for the scope:

There is currently no way to make temporary adjustments to the X-Sight.
The adjustments are MOA, 1/4in @ 100 yards.

This is a deal breaker for me. If I can't make elevation and windage adjustments for shooting out to 500 yards and beyond, I can't use it.

I had such high hopes.
With all of the snow and rain and sleet and flooding, I'm going to try to stay in for a while this evening.

So in the meantime, I'm going to top off the batteries and then am going to see how long it lasts. (The scope alone).

After about 2 hours of use yesterday, the batteries went from 1.35v down to 1.29v. So, it looks like one of the common complaints of them munching batteries has been resolved by the latest update as they said it would.

And I was using many of the features the scope had yesterday while trying to learn the functions and setting everything up with the tablet (which I later found out was unnecessary because you can access it in through the scope).

Looks damn good John.