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Aww crap, Mossberg and Sons still going for smart-gun tech for the Gov't

bring on the EMP.......you guys wont be laughing when I have the only working sight in the world
Hmmmm...I didn't even think about you angling for EMP protection. Yeah, a pulse will take out most electronic optics not to mention any "smart guns" that are out there in the world.
Just lay your smart gun out over night. The aluminum oxide from the chemtrails will coat your gun and shield it from any future emp.

Nice. There is so much fail in this article. Makes Mossberg look pretty wimpy.

Can you pick out the quotes that are disturbing?

Like the guys working on smart munitions for the military, everybody knows it cannot work, except the folk in the government handing out money left and right. Mossberg just is taking the free money the way anyone else would, and will report their results of failure later.
While my smatphone is smarter than any smartgun needs to be, its not as reliable as my 40+ year old Mossberg.

That Mossberg and its ammunition went on the shelf and sat for 40 years without being touched.

I dusted it off, loaded it up & fired just fine after all those years. I put a hundred and sixty rounds through it the first time out.

If I put my smartphone in the closet for a month and I left it there, when I came back it would be completely dead and useless.

Now, if we can make a smartphone read your fingerprints, why can't we make a smartphone that never goes dead?

As you can see it's easy to ask stupid questions but it's not necessarily easy to have everything you would like in this world.

People who are convinced that they can "have it all" don't have a solid handle on reality.