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Battle Rattle

I've always liked the idea of dog backpacks. Giving them a job makes them more focused, supposedly. Please let us know how that works out.
Its helps a ton with some dogs. Just like you said, a job keeps them focused.
Each pouch has a zipped pocket and a place for a water bottle.
I'll break it down and get some pics tomorrow.
That's awesome oli.

Ok here are some pics.

Straps are extra long but that's an easy fix.


The bags are held on by hook and loop and a clip in the front. When you get to camp, you can pull the bags off and still use it as a harness.

Bags removed


Under the bags

Inside the pocket. A zippered pouch

And two loops to hold a water bottle

For the money $35, I think its a pretty good set up.

And here he is showing off to his buddies. :p
that's a nice one.

I've had mine pack all kinds of stuff. one time I put a pistol in his pack and he didn't like that at all lol. He doesn't mind shooting but he didn't want it on his back, he started bucking around trying to get it off lol. I was thinking about making a little medical kit for it, maybe a little barrel o whisky for the pain
Whatever I pack in it, its has to be even on each side or close to it.
RonAllen has some awesome stuff.
If we were doing something a little more hardcore, I would sink better funds into his rig.

He will carry all the supplies for the him and my 3 little ones. They just wouldn't be able to keep up on longer trips.
I do plan to do a little first aid kit for them.

I like your idea of a bottle of liquid cure all. :p
thank you, I'm going to let it hang for a couple days to cure good, we'll see how it holds up this summer in the brush. Even if it rubs off some places it should still not stick out like a sore thumb when I have camo on
How's the odor?

I imagine the paint smell would be pretty loud for a couple days at least...
you wouldn't want to put it on your hunting gear. but its already gotten a lot better.