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Battle Rattle

Re: Condor Outdoor Tactical Gear

I reconfigured the back of my LBV to accommodate a larger 2.5L hydration carrier with two large zippered pouches as well as directly attached my shotgun scabbard with two 25rd shotshell pouches to the MOLLE webbing...

It carries well and keeps my shotgun easily accessible without having to carry it by hand or on a sling. This allows for a hands-free carry option or for the shotgun as a secondary weapon while a rifle w/sling is carried as a primary...
what are you weighing in at, fully loaded? and have you worn this much in the warmer months? im really debating what kind of rig to get. in theory i want to carry the bulk of the gear, i.e. double stack mag pouches, and kangaroo pouches at my hips and around to the back. dump pouches and accessory pouches on the front. and a knife, and small accessory pouches on the shoulder straps. but i dont want a full vest or plate carrier that will hold in lots of heat. and it all has to be modular. easy to rearrange for different applications.
Good question.

Don't have a scale in the house, but fully loaded out with ammo I would estimate the rig weighs in at 25-30 lb. That's with an empty water bladder, so adding roughly 4.5 lb for the 2L of water (2.205lb/liter) we'll call it 30-35lb. Add the weight of a fully loaded shotgun, call it 8.5 lb, and total weight is in the ballpark of 38.5-43.5 lb. The vest and pouches themselves weigh very little. The sides of the vest are open and aside from the areas with MOLLE webbing the rest of the body is lightweight mesh. It's very breathable. For me, the key is weight distribution with the addition of the battle belt. It sits snug around the waist and helps support the weight of the vest. With the weight split between the shoulders and the belt it makes the load surprisingly easy to carry. The belt also carries my 5 In Line pistol mag pouch, a 12 round pouch with extra shotgun slugs, and a med kit.

I have used the rig in its previous configuration during TN summers. Nothing too serious, just a few of us shooting at a buddy's farm. There is a LOT of walking involved to different shooting spots around his land and that was the primary reason I put this rig together. I wanted to be able to carry water, a pistol, a rifle, and a shotgun, plus extra mags and ammunition for all three without having to carry a bag. It does get pretty hot and muggy out there and I do get tired after a full day, but I can tell you this rig is a LOT more comfortable than carrying a big range bag full of guns and ammo. Even a large backpack or my drag bag carried on my back gets uncomfortable after a while, since all the weight is supported by my shoulders. The mesh on the vest makes a big difference and there is another version with even more mesh surface and a built in hydration carrier...
@LAZY EYED SNIPER , when you properly wear a good pack it should distribute the weight off the shoulders through the hips. It makes a 45 lb load more tolerable.

As far as vests and rigs go, it's a good thing to wear it, wear it, wear it. In the military I see a lot of tacticool vests. Guys have recon pouches and pouches for their smokes and kabars, but they work at battalion or something and spend all day in an air conditioned vehicle or at a desk. My fix is to have them road march over and over and watch them shred the weight little by little.

But a good, comfortable rucksack or backpack that will distribute the weight is so invaluable.
That's why I put this rig together.

Most of the packs/bags I have were designed for other things, sports, etc. My drag bag has shoulder straps, but no waist belt to help distribute weight. This particular rig is a relatively inexpensive solution. It gets used several times a year, but it's not something I throw on every time I go shooting. I've been looking at a couple Eberlestock packs, but my current set-up will do for now...
Got my first aid figured out and water filter…..this is the final amount of crap I hope not to have to use. Although the water filter might come in handy if I end up in Alaska again this summer
28lbs with no water


Maps, fire starting, signal mirror, P-cord, pen and paper

Radio, compass, couple batteries

Little bit of first aid, little Leatherman, couple more batteries, some ear plugs

Main first aid kit

My CamelBak , a lot of repeat stuff but this goes everywhere with my, the rig doesn't

Another first aid chance and the Sawyer Mini 0.1 micron , 100,000 gallon filter. Fits on any water bottle , works as a straw, goes inline on the CamelBak tube, fits the opening for most gravity drip bags
Nicely done brother.

Looks like you've got all the bases covered. I need to pick up one of those water filters. That looks like a great set-up...
My brother In law is in MARSOC. He hooked me up with this Rig. I get all kinds of goodies from him. It's almost a $500 rig. ( missing one pouch I think). Trying to decide if I'm going to use it or sell it to setup something different I have in mind. But, thought I'd share it just the same.

It is extremely well made. Designed to fit over a plate carrier or without. Pouch for hydration bladder as well.


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i should have been more specific, i was asking if it was a ready made kit, or if you obtained the contents of your own accord. but thank you for the link to the pouch.
Never seen the flashlight pouch. Home Depot carries some Nite Ize products, might check there before buying it. I love their tie downs.

Added the Serpa quick disconnect system to my gear.

Been using the holster for a bit now and I'm liking it so far. I don't have my CCW yet so if I carry, it has to be open.



Also switched my little Gadget pouch out for the rip away Medic pouch. Have my compass, ear & eye protection, knife sharpener, binoculars and some gloves.

Med Kit will go on the back.

Main use is still just having a good time out in the woods with a thought toward SHTF. If I wake up and Russian Zombies were after me, I only could grab one thing... I would grab my vest, fight my way back to my backpack. (I'll try and do a backpack review soon. Bug out / camping rig in the proper thread)
Very nice!

How secure is the Serpa rig? Does it have much wobble or cant when you're moving around or does it stay pretty tight against your chest?