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Biden's Impossible List


Will TIG for Food
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Today's mission:
Compile Biden's All-But-Impossible To Do list!

At least three items please, but the more the merrier.

My List for Biden

1. Install taller fence + maybe 220 volt charger
2. Backup generator for ice cream freezer at Camp David
3. Send Hunter to that Chinese sex camp until after the election
Complete one complete, comprehensible paragraph .

Give one speech without insulting half of the people in this country.

Pull back the curtain to expose the real puppeteer.
Answer one non-scriped question during any news conference.

Accept the blame for anything vice blaming someone else for his administration's failures.

Focus on American issues first vice the proxy war against Russia.

Only in American are we dumping Russian vodka down the drain while buying Russian gas at the pump. Biden has doubled his imports of Russian oil.
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