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Black powder lets see um

I had not heard of that. Is that because of the greater time-in-barrel of the slower .38 that causes more elevation increase [flip] at exit that causes its higher trajectory?

[Please excuse the offtopickness of this query.]

Thats the theory I've heard, and it fits in what what i've seen....
As the magnums are travelling a lot faster that my target .38 loads (more than double the velocity...) the .357 is out of the barrel before its had time to rise as much as it does with the light .38 loads.... so with my Marlin 1894, which is zeroed for my target loads, a factory .357 load will shoot 3-4 inches low at 25 yds.
Not at the moment Scoop, thats something else I intend to do in an future range visit... I recently bought a radar chrono, mainly for my airguns, but it will go up to 1300fps, so should measure my target loads.
Based on guestimation, I'd say my target loads are about 800 fps (4.4gn of Vhit N320, 158gn lead truncated cone, .357 case)

Factory .357 magnum, (I've got some PPU in the cabinet), is quoted at 1607 fps, probably from a revolver... my 16'' Marlin barrel probably adds a few fps to that..