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Thanks LES! I love this knife...easily one of the most comfy and well balanced knives I've ever handled. Full tang of course - feels absolutely rock solid. This one is set to become my primary hunting and skinning knife.
Me too OM....thought it was an appropriate touch!
On the left is my first Buck, a 102 woodsman. I got it when I was 12 as a hunting/camping knife. I recently passed it down to my oldest daughter as her first hunting/camping knife and replaced it with the Buck Open Season Skinner on the right.


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My one and only Buck knife is a Model 124 Bowie. I bought mine when I was in high school in the early 70's. I believe that the handles are laminated rosewood. I had a buddy of mine that owned the same knife, except his had the standard black "Phenolic" handle. I know they stopped making this model for a long time, but they have recently brought it back with a micarta handle. It makes a great camp knife......:)

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The only Buck I have left is my 110. I bought this in the early 80's while in high school.

I had my 119 stolen while night fishing on the Oceanside Ca. pier.

I later lost my Buck Duke off the end of the same pier. This one really bummed me out.
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picked up a vintage Buck 110 today.
Took some pics to compare my 110 from the 80's to this earlier one.

The edges on the scales and bolsters are more rounded on the 80's model compared to, I presume, a 70's model 110. You can also see the belt loop differences. The early sheath loop is at the top and the 80's is in the middle, rides higher.

Need to clean up the bolsters and put an edge on it. Any more info would be appreciated.

found the date code....My "vintage" 110 is from 1980...

*****1980: two dots on the right side of the model # (example: .110..)****

Funny..1980 doesn't seem that long ago to me.....

I also found out my newer buck is from 1993, (Buck 110 /). WHAAAT!!??????

Now.....I KNOW I purchased this knife when I was a sophmore in high school and I graduated in 1984. Got stopped in 1983 carrying it into Mexico and was told it was illegal by the federales. I had to hoof it back to my car on the USA side. Sometime in the past my knife must have gotten switched with a friends. We all carried 110's and one buddy used to do the sharpening.....This is kind of a bummer to find out.

Buck date codes:
Wow . . . Twilight Zone stuff.

I know I bought my 110 in 1973, but no telling how long it had been sitting on the store shelf. I didn't know there were any date codes.
Okay I dug my old buck knife out of the closet and wiped it off a little.
I'll post a better picture when she's properly polished.

According to the Chart this must be a 1972 or 73 model since I bought it in the summer of 1973. It came from the air base PX at Hill Field in Ogden Utah. I'm sure it was a popular model and they sold quickly so it was most likely of 1973 manufacture.

This is not the original sheath, but one my wife picked up at a local show.


I customized it because my friend's brother came home from the Navy with one that he had customized and I thought it was the coolest thing on earth. He customized his to look like a Schrade Old Timer, so it looked nothing like this one.
That's a nice, unique, looking 110! From your pictures, that is what is referred to as a two dot 110. According to Buck's date code chart, it was made between 1974 and 1980. You can further refine that to it being a 1974. You can see the rivets on the bolsters with one being on the front and two on the rear. On the inlay are two small-headed, brass rivets along with the rocker rivet. That's a fifth version, variation 4 110. A 110 made prior to 1974 would not have any dots by the model number.
Well thank God for good documentation because my memory is not worth a shit anymore!

I could have sworn I bought it in 1973.

If I get it polished up I'll post a couple of detail shots of the Engraving which is not showing up at all in these photos.
It really needs a good sharpening job. It's major purpose in the old days was opening metal oil cans. I don't think I have sharpened it since the 80's.
Those old Bucks sure clean up nice, don't they? :cool:

This is my only vintage Buck. It was given to me a bit over a year ago. It is a two dot 112. Due to the pin size on the scales, I believe it's a 112 that was made at the later part of the '74-80 Buck date scale. The bolsters were pretty rough, and the blade likely had never been sharpened. I shipped it off to Buck so it could have the spa treatment. It came back looking great with a new factory edge.

I have a few new Bucks, too. I have a standard 110. I had ordered two of them, and gave one as a gift for Christmas last year. That is the 112 before I sent it off to Buck.

I also have a Buck 110 Cabela's Alaskan Guide edition. It is one beautiful knife.

My EDC knife is the Buck Spitfire. I just love that little knife. It feels great in my hand. It's thin and extremely light. I often forget I have it in my pocket.

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When I was a rookie motorcyclist going through cans of oil, this was the thing to have. Those oil cans were maybe 30 gauge steel? When they started making the sides out of cardboard, it was easy to cut the cardboard with a screwdriver.

But, before the days of pop top cans or twist offs, the pointy end was used to open oil cans and the other end was used to open beer bottles.

Now oil comes in a bottle, bottles have Twist Offs, and my knife normally stays in my saddlebag, except occasionally to open snack foods.

I still haven't polished up the buck knife. Now I feel like a slacker.

Especially considering I have a big electric buffer and seven kinds of Polish.

But I've been busy reloading ammunition and preparing for a big range trip this Friday.

Also I bought a steel locker for my ammunition and powder and and I've been filling that up and rearranging my gun safe which now has lots more room.

When I rounded up all my spare lead & put it in one spot, I calculated that I have nearly 300 pounds.
Hi. I just recently rediscovered a knife I remember seeing for the first time probably in my early twenties, so maybe 20 years ago. I remember where I was, it was one of our first apartments, my son was likely an infant. If the internet existed I wasn't aware of it. This was when people actually got catalogues and had to write letters and things took longer. It was in a catalogue I first saw it. I saw a photo of it again recently and didn't know for sure it was a Buck knife. I only remembered what knives I was really liking at the time, Boker, Buck, Gerber, SOG, and maybe another. I had to do some digging tonight, (made possible by the internet), and I found it. I knew exactly what it looked like, though I took the long way around and looked at everything similar just to rule those out. It was the Buck Vanguard with rubberized handle. This is going to have to be the next knife I purchase.