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My latest Buck is the 124, a brute of a knife.


My first Buck was the 110, sometime in the mid 70s


With several in between.
Hi. I just recently rediscovered a knife I remember seeing for the first time probably in my early twenties, so maybe 20 years ago. I remember where I was, it was one of our first apartments, my son was likely an infant. If the internet existed I wasn't aware of it. This was when people actually got catalogues and had to write letters and things took longer. It was in a catalogue I first saw it. I saw a photo of it again recently and didn't know for sure it was a Buck knife. I only remembered what knives I was really liking at the time, Boker, Buck, Gerber, SOG, and maybe another. I had to do some digging tonight, (made possible by the internet), and I found it. I knew exactly what it looked like, though I took the long way around and looked at everything similar just to rule those out. It was the Buck Vanguard with rubberized handle. This is going to have to be the next knife I purchase.

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I'd hit it. For real.
My Buck collection. I bought two new within the past 18 months, the 119 and a 110. The other two, a 110 and 191 I bought at auctions the past 18 months as well.

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That big Buck Special hunting knife is a real beauty. I have always wanted one like it, but don't hunt & have no other real use for it.
I already have the M1 combat knife and the M7, which must fill my lust for big knives; and while quite ugly, would be horribly effective.
I want to get the little Buck hatchet though. Next time I need cheering up, I might go buy one.
I had my first Buck in the 80's..A 503 Prince but in 2006 my Brother asked me to go to the Blade Show in Atlanta. He collects and displays 110's..I started with 112's and now have about 80..
Today I ran across a Ka-Bar marked USMC with a sheath to match. The blade looked to be coated, it is a greenish color. The stamp on the base of the blade said Ka-Bar, Olean NY. It was selling as used, looked to be in very good condition.

I passed on it for now. The price $65, any thoughts or opinions ? I did not think to take a picture.