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Deer Hunting And Your Mossberg...


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This is a thread dedicated to deer hunting with your Mossberg!
Today was opening season for deer in my county (shotgun only). So I debated between using my Mossberg 930 (18.5 or 28) or my Mossberg 500 (18.5) and decided on my trusty Mossberg 500. I went out around 530 am and setup on the outskirts of a field where deer are commonly seen crossing. Sure enough a good looking doe came walking by around 715 am at about 50 yards. I was sitting down so I raised the shotgun to my cheek and I pulled the trigger; nothing so I pumped my Mossberg 500 and took a second shot and again nothing! So I got up and started walking towards the doe and got to about 25 yards and took a third shot; again nothing and this time it ran off. So I start scratching my head as I sighted in the shotgun, Mossberg 500 with the max mount (from Havlin Sales), a cheap tasco red dot that I had lying around the house and the ATI Akita stock, the day before and it was spot on. Well I went to check to see if it was still zeroed in and it wasn't. The cheap scope wouldn't hold zero for anything so I pulled the scope and mount and reverted back to the brass bead. After about twenty shots I was comfortable with the new setup. Around 430 pm I went back to the same spot and waited; sure enough around 530pm (as the sun was dropping fast) a "doe" came walking by at about 50 yards. The "doe" looked right at my direction and knew something wasn't right but continued to walk across the field cautiously. I slowly raised the shotgun to my cheek while being in a seated position and again the "doe" looked right at me. I pushed my VCS safety forward and pulled the trigger. The "doe" took a few steps and dropped in the middle of some brush. Upon closer inspection I realized that I hit a young buck instead of a doe but I was happy to have a deer hanging in my buddies barn.

The first setup that didn't work out.



Mossberg 500 with 18.5" barrel, brass bead, ATI AKITA stock set with drop spacer, Button sling
Yeah for real! Post it up with full details!

We need to know what gun, barrel length, and add on after market parts. The load with ballistics. Where you hunted, what you wore, the conditions... and tell it like a story!

:D C'mon man, I'm not askin for much, just everything!


Ok, just read your post! You posted right before me!

Great story, and sux about the sight... but heck the beads still there! Good work takin it on the chin and hangin in there! Hows the Akita stock for you?

Excellent shot! Any hold over for you at that range? And with an 18 1/2" barrel, real nice!

My holdover with a 20" is a couple inches right and right about 4" up at 50 yards.

Good lookin young buck, you'll get some good meat for sure!

Oh, another thought... Are you legally allowed to carry the extra shells on the gun like that? We are limited to 3 rounds poeriod. No more rounds on or in the gun...

I have about a 3" hold over at 50 yards. I was using Centurion 2 3/4 slugs for this shot. I did not carry extra shells on the gun when I was hunting for the same reason but I put them on for the pictures.
Those are full power slugs yes? Whats the muzzle velocity, do you know?
full power, 1400fps
I shot nearly 100 slugs between today and yesterday and the only thing that hurts is my cheek.
Those are right between like a Winchester or Federal full power and the low recoil loads...

Hmmm, cheek hurts... I dont remember the last time mine hurt from shooting.
Great shot Dan !!!

Bummer about the optic losing zero. I've used a Bushnell Trophy 4 reticle dot for years on mine with no loss of zero.

If you're going to keep a dot on it, I recommend looking into them. And just FWIW, you can use an Aimpoint mount (or similiar 30mm mount) if you need more height.
Thanks! I think for next season I am going to finally break down and setup a dedicated slug shotgun. If not I might give the red dot another try.
Well I posted this earlier but I will go into more detail here.

Last Friday (11-11-11) packed up my 100atr and headed up to my Uncles land in East Texas to hunt deer. So Friday morning I got in a box blind and started the waiting game. At about 7:00am a small 4 point came out from a creek and walked up to about 30 yards of the blind. (In some counties in Texas it is illegal to shoot a buck with a spread that is under 13", but you can shoot a spike buck or a buck with 1 un-branched antler.)
So I just watched him eat on some corn for a bit before he disappeared over a hill. About 20 mins later he returned and ate on some more corn and acorns before he made his way back into the woods. That was all I saw that morning.
That afternoon at around 3:00pm I went to a different spot where my uncle said he had been seeing some does in the afternoon on his game camera. I climbed up in the tripod stand and within 30 mins a 3 point point came out to eat. He was on the small side so I decided not to shoot him since i still had 2 more days of hunting. While I watched him I noticed that something was not right with this buck. So I put my scope on him and that is when I saw that he had a huge wart or something on his chin, but I all so saw something hanging down on the right side of his head but could not tell what since he had came out of the woods on my right side and had only shown me the left side of his body. As I watched on he finally turned the other way and that when i gasped. His right eyeball was hanging out of the socket. I started to line up my cross-hairs on him when I remembered that one of the large bucks that my uncle has mounted was a one eyed deer. He told me that a lot of bucks lose an eye from fighting. So I lowered my rifle and continued to watch him eat on acorns. He finally made his way deep into the woods. He was the only deer that I saw that afternoon.
Saturday morning came and I was back at the same stand that I hunted Friday morning. At 6:45 a different 3 point came running out of the woods from my left side. He would run for a few steps then stop. He did this a few times before I was finally able to get a shot lined up. I shot him in the neck when he stopped to size up a barbed wire fence that separated the pasture and the tree line on my right side. The neck shot dropped him in his tracks. By 8:00am I had my deer in the cooler. I went back out that afternoon to the same spot were the one eyed buck was at hopping to get a large buck but only saw a tiny doe that ate at the feeder for over one and a half hours. Happy with my hunting trip (one on ice and got to see a lot of deer) I decided to come home.


Notice the old-school camo coveralls. I got them from my pops that he used in the '70s. In the past few years, I have seen this camo pattern come back in style but mine are original.
Man, I've never seen antlers like that before. Nice shot dude, and looks to be a good sized young buck!

I like the camo! ;)
Got one of them with my 930 spx and federal slugs

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Way to hang in there and get the job done. Nice shot BTW.

Again, great shot dude. Nice little spike

Wow. Just wow. Most beautiful truck load of dead flesh I've seen since the Zombie marathon on cable last spring. :)
Model 464 30-30 deer

Finally killed a deer with the Mossberg 464. It was a 7 point whitetail buck. Killed this morning (11/21/2011) at about 9am.

I used the Marble Bullseye rear sight. It is sweet!! Good for old eyes.

The range was about 50 yards to the deer.

Used 170 grain Hornady Flat Point bullets. Hit it just ahead of the left front shoulder. It ran about 50 yards and collapsed. The heart and lungs were jelly!!


Good Hunting!!