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Differences between 935 Waterfowl & 940 Waterfowl Pro?

Mossy Man

I have been researching/shopping the Mossberg 935 Waterfowl and 940 Waterfowl Pro semi auto shotguns for approx. 10 - 12 months now. I have almost overcome my 'sticker shock' from the prices of the 940 Waterfowl Pro model, as those features and finishes are what I've always wanted. However, I'm still not above a little compromise of looks for almost the very same features at less $ cost.. I will be using this shotty primarily for ducks and occasional turkey hunts and 3" magnum shells are the larges ammo I will be using. I have been unable to truly compare these two models on the Mossberg website. Can someone tell me the side by side difference in features between these two models? Or can someone refer me to a link or web page where I can find this information?
I, by far, are no expert on 935s or 940s; I'm a 500 & 590 guy.

However, I seem to remember a couple of major differences. But please check me on these facts.

The 935 has a fixed LOP whereas the 940 has an adjustable one with I think a 1.5 inch range. Plus the 940 has an adjustable cast and drop.

The 935 barrel if I remember right is over bored to 10 gauge whereas the 940 is not. And the 935 comes in two different barrel lenghts; the 940 only one.

And, the 935 has a 3.5 inch chamber whereas the 940 has a 3 inch chamber.

I think the capacity is the same for both 4+1

Hope this helps. If it were me I'd focus on the differences in features vice the finishes. Hopefully some one with more hands on knowledge will chime in.

Just a couple of thoughts.
The 940 has a few internal component upgrades and small receiver upgrades over the 930/935 series. If you are only interested in 3 inch shells then why the 935? I’m thinking that Mossy will slowly but surely discontinue the 930/935 series in favor of the 940/945 series since it is a superior product. Knowing Mossy there is probably a 950 series on the drawing table.
Bottom line is buy the cheapest one you can find that suits you. They are all decent guns.