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How did you hear about or find MossbergOwners.com??

Simple good search, knowing that facebook sucks for things gun related. Just picked up a first mossberg, sort of a weird old 1996 regal that someone converted to a 500a, 18.5" barrel/pistol grip. Got it in trade for an old hunting shotgun i wasnt using as a backup under the bed home firearm. Joined for a few reasons but mainly because i like unnecessarily modified firearms and vehicles, figured some here would be on that same level. Want a hogue grip over the pistol grip, AR stock (not sure if ill install it but want the option, i love the compact size of this thing, 5+1 tube swap, magpul front grip, and a stubby spiked glass breaker on the edge of the mag tube, something like that. Also the bolt assembly i believe its called has some oxidation on it that doesn't seem to clean up so i might pull that and polish it.

Thanks for the ad. - Bob
Yeah, you're going to fit in real good here. Welcome to the forum.

And nice collection there.
Good morning. I have already introduced myself and have received several warm greetings.

I found the MO site trough a google search, after finding Mossbergtalk.com (listed on the 'Gun and Game Forum') was no longer around. So far, I am enjoying the forum and am looking forward to further interactions.

Below, is my current line of of 'Freedom Seed Dispensing Devices', minus my Ruger American in 450 Bushmaster, my Mauser 1916 in 7x57mm, my S&W 457 in 45 ACP and my little 410 double barrel! Also, the Savage Axis in 223 (next to last) is gone.

Fort Smith, AR

Freedom 04.jpg
Welcome to all of the new members and hello to our established members!

How did you find MossbergOwners.com!? Did you find us through a google search for something specific? Did a friend/family member tell you about us? Did you see a decal on the back of someone's vehicle? Did you see us on one of the sister sites?
Tell us your story of how you came across the best gun forum on the Internet <----I may be a little biased ;)

I look forward to reading about how we all ended up in the same place!
Hello from KY. I found this site using google. Mossberg has always been my favorite shotgun.
I used Google back then too. I looked for reloading/hand loading forums. I had just bought my 4X4 in 22-250 Remington and joined here right away, and I'm glad I did.
Hello, This forum was a result of a search of getting a longer barrel for my 590 and I can see that an 835 will work. But I don’t think I’m going to do that after reading and seeing how much one cost even on eBay. I have a barrel from an old 500 Hunter that I was going to put on the 590 and straight away I realized it wasn’t going to work so for the price of it I will just get a maverick 88 with a slug barrel and then I can switch the 500 hunting barrel back-and-forth with that and leave my 590 for home defense.