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How Many Mossberg's Do You Own?


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As the title states; how many mossberg's do you currently own? Post up some pictures of your mossberg collection if you have some. :twisted:
We have 3 right now, my first, 500A Persuader, then the M590A1 20" 9 shot, standard stock and sights, currently undergoing some minor mods, and finally my daughters 500 .410 5 shot, 24" VR bbl, walnut and blued. We're getting an 18" bbl for that in cylider bore, and a 12" LOP stock, and I'm putting a Meprolight green dot tritium on it for her.

My 590A1 just got a mag clamp from CDM Gear, a 3lot rail on one side and a QD push button sling swivel on the other, Also coming from CDM is a receiver mount rail from EGW (Evolution Gun Works), I have a Bushnell Trophy 1 x 32 MP Red Dot going on the rail. I may put a Hogue 12" LOP stock on it as well, otherwise I'l do a Mesa Tactical Low Tube Adapter, and a Magpul stock of some sort with a cheek riser.

I need to get some more pics I'm afraid, but soon... I'll do it!
Older pics of my 590A1.




My 590A1 and my daughter's .410. You can just barely see on the 590 behind the bayonet lug is a 1.5" rail, there is a sling swivel on the opposite side. It is CDM Gear's MT (magazine tube) clamp. The finish very closely matches the guns parkerized finish.


I'll get some more pics when I start sighting in the new red dot.
That is a nice collection you have there. I only have a mossberg 500 at the moment but plan to expand in the near future.
Thanks!!! I have some new pics too!


In these next couple of pics, I'm showing the hardware from CDM Gear. This first one, the rail is the EGW 500/590 receiver mounted picatinny rail for late models, '97 and later, purchased from CDM. In the next 2 are either side of my CDM MT (magazine tube) Clamp. Short rail on one side, QD push button sling swivel on the other.



Bushnell Trophy 1 x 32 MP Red Dot. 3 MOA dot at 100 yards. Oh yeah, the 590A1 can group nicely at that range!




:twisted: Hapiness, is a warm... C'mon, you know the rest!
Those CDM gear mounts are sweet. I was actually just looking for one because I want to add a TLR-1 to my mossberg 500 (mossberg heatshield, 18.5 barrel, ATI fold down stock, pistol grip).
Having talked to Scott, I believe he has said they will work with the heat shield, and the MT with the 3 slot rail is perfect for the TLR1. In fact I know he has pics up on the site!
I will have to give Scott at CDM gear a call and get one ordered up :twisted:
Only three at the moment, A 500 crown grade combo 24" slug 28" bird an old 20" 88 and a 590A1 20" by AIMPRO







Havent added a light yet have a couple just cant decide which one i need a good mount may order a mt
I've got 4. A 590A1 18.5" barrel with Red Dot.

A 500A Slug gun.

A 500 20GA.

And a Maverick 88. The Maverick has the Top Folding stock on it. The 590A1 in this picture was how it looked, couldn't stand the blackhawk forend and bought a Hogue and love it!!

The 590A1 is such a solid platform and feels so good, obviously my favorite. The 20GA is a nice feelin rig to..
I am back up to 3: mossberg 500, mossberg 930 and mossberg 4x4 but I have a few more model that I will be adding to the collection shortly!
I own 4:
from left to right:

18.5" 500A Knoxx Sidewinder and Knoxx SpecOps stock + PowerPak
20" 500A Mesa Tactical high tube with Enidine recoil + multiple side saddles
20" 590A1 GRS speedfeed stock
20" 590A1 GRS speedfeed stock and TLR-1


Trying to sell my Mesa Tactical 870 to fund another Mossberg :roll:
Dohboy, Thats a sweet lineup! The sidewinders are 12 rounds? And who makes that bbl length rail?