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How Many Mossberg's Do You Own?

Thanks, I've also looked on eBay but am rather hesitant as a LOT of the better looking
pieces do not offer a refund/exchange. Have a good one and I'll keep looking. Maybe I'll
call Havlin and see if they've gotten any stock, Pun intended :)
I looked at havlin after I replied, they do have some wood furniture but not sure what you have for a Mossberg but might be worth a look.

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Hey guys good to be back!! In my absence i of course aquired a couple more Mossbergs ☺
I picked up a Mossberg 695 that i am simply in love with, i will write a review at some point shortly.
And i grabbed a new 20180619_120237.jpg Mossberg 500 Field/security combo as a thanks to Mossberg for telling Dicks to go pack sand
I have a 1973-ish 500C in nice shape, 500ATP from the early 80's (near as I can figure) in 5 shot configuration, Maverick 88 security that I put wood furniture on to make it look like at ATP 8-shot, and a 1957-ish 146B in .22S,L,LR that is a beater gun but shoots amazing
Just one so far
Well! I have a maverick 88, 18" barrel, a 1974 model pump 20 gauge mossberg, a Western Auto Supply Revelation 310A 12 ga. I just had to have and a Mossberg 472 30/30 lever-action 1974 date of birth! I don't do third party picture sites!