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How Many Mossberg's Do You Own?

Well, we all have to start somewhere and thats usually with one. I got my one and in all logical lines of thinking for me, It's all I need as far as a shotgun goes.


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Naw I gotta save up for a hottub and a lawn mower and all that stuff that comes with buying a house. New home owner also, like 2 years new. So there is plenty of other stuff thats needs to get bought. 1 shotgun will do. Then it becomes more special in a way. Like its "rare" because there is only one.
lol! Joel, I hear ya, but I think theyre all special! Each one unique, there are many like it, but this one is mine, and this one, and this one, and this one... :) I can understand the home owner stuff though, still its a sickness and you find ways, like sellin plasma 4 times a week, though its often advised against!!! lol! ok, I'm jokin again... but seriously, if you know of any place payin for plasma let me know!
I guess this counts as only one (although I count it as 3, its really only one):

And then my skeet gun:

So my answer is either 2 or 4 (which is why I love the 500).
Yup! The 500 is a seriously versatile platform! So is the 930!
Rossignol said:
hummer4x4guy said:
It's all I need as far as a shotgun goes.

Nah, its a sickness. You'll need another, and then another... one day.

ain't that the truth...
i only have one 835 12g.
however ...i recently aquired 2 shottys at the same time from my brother. one 1968 ithica Model 37 featherlight 2-3/4 chamber, and a 1940 harrington & richardson topper model m48 single shot 12g.

i'm goin to the store this week to get something else too...not really sure what but leaning towards a hand gun or varmint 22....
from left to right; 152K, S45A, 44US, 44US(a), S42M, 42M,42M(b),42M(c), 42MB(a),46M,46M(b),
46M(a),151M,151M(a),151M(b),51M,51M both flatback,51M(a). I also have a 320KA not in the picture
and a couple old shotguns 200Kand a 183 KD



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I need to get another. Ever since Allison fired my 590A1, I think shes given up on the 20 ga. and eye ballin my guns! Might do the 590A1 5 shot and get an 835 barrel? I dunno ...
Can finally say I own more than one. Here's a pic of both the boys...

These things are getting addictive. I'm already tryin to talk myself outta one that's hangin on the wall at my LGS...
I have (2) 500's

My HD shotgun, or at least it is in this configuration. With my other 2 barrels, it also serves as great upland gun, a Sporting clays gun as well as my back up trap gun. The most versatile gun that I own. This was also my very first shotgun so it holds a very special place in my heart ;)


And "Bubba" my Turkey gun, with its "Gobble Stopper" Red Dot Scope