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Hunting 2022

Great job buddy! Looks like the 350 legend is off to a good start living up to its' namesake !
Thanks. The bullet hit the point of the near shoulder and obliterated it, then got the top of the heart and the bottom of the lungs before exiting out the back half of the rib cage. The buck plowed dirt for maybe 20 yards before giving up. I used a Winchester 150 gr. Deer Season Extreme.
Very well done indeed. Your season was much more productive than mine last year. I actually lost one that I thought was a good hit and would've taken it down much faster than it did.

I do suspect it died. But it was tracked all the way into the neighboring property, and I couldn't go any further.

I'm glad that you fared much better with the legend. Very good job indeed !!!
I know how you feel. I lost one last year. 35ish yards standing broadside shot with a muzzleloader. Aimed right behind the shoulder, hit her in the right rear kneecap. Tracked her for about 150 or so yards before running out of blood. I have no explanation other than I may have hit a branch or something. I went back and shot it at a target and it hit within a couple inches of where I was aiming. I felt terrible, I hate doing that. I imagine the coyotes drug her down cause the leg was just flopping. I reloaded as fast as I could but never could get a second shot before she was gone. I'd like to say it won't happen again but, as a hunter, I know it will eventually.
Yeah, it's enough to make a guy sick.