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Inexpensive Trail Camera Tasco

All i know is when I found it couple years ago it was working and it actually still working, i found itvand left a note to the effect of hey if ya accidentally came through our private gate and accidentally walked through our land and accidentally left something on my tree please call xxx.xxxx etc.... And we can arrange for its return. No one ever called ??? Oh well

A little bit OT but we found a Motorola walkie-talkie in the bank parking lot last night. My cousin called it and tried to get some kind of straight reply to "we found your walkie" but the person on the other end was asking all sorts of questions and being a douche so I said "your walkie is outside the Pizza Hut drive-thru" and threw it out the window into the mulch. Apparently this is a new way for pimps to keep in touch with their bitches... :rolleyes: