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Introducing my Shinee FiveNinetee!


Introducing my Shinee FiveNinetee! :)

Picked up this unicorn 590 Mariner today. ;) I always wanted one. A remodeling guy is clearing out some guns for his elderly customer so he can afford the building materials and other costs to repair his home. He has a bunch of other nice guns advertised but I busted my budget on this one (and another described later). I traveled an hour each way and burned about 4gal of gas. (30mpg). We met at a truck stop just off I-95. He was legit driving a brand new F-150 (that looked like a Toyota! :D ) and we glanced at each other's IDs. I checked the serial numbers before I made the trip and they were "clean". FDLE Stolen Gun search page: LINK

This is a basic 590, not an A1. 8+1 20" cylinder barrel. Sadly, the receiver is not tapped for a scope mount. :( About the only "blemish" is a double-strike of the barrel bore and gauge. Brand new basic black 590s are going for $400+ so I might have paid a "premium" ($400) for a like-new 33 year old gun, BUT part of the deal was a brand new "unicorn" pump that retails for over $200 in 20ga for $100! :) Back to the 590, the magnet says there are no stainless parts on it and according to Havlin/Old Mossy, Mossberg did away with polishing Mariners to make them less reflective. So these guns are NOT actually stainless. As of this writing, Mariners are a RARE breed with many places sold out and the only ones I found were matte finish (marinecote) JICs... I think there was ONE Mariner (matte) total for sale on GB. :eek:

Might be going to the range Thurs to check the 590 out. Probably clean/lube both guns tonight. My dot's BF will go with me because he has a new Taurus Tracker ported .357 7-shot he is eager to try out. Also going to try out the other gun in the package which is a Reno, NV GForce Arms GF3P 20ga pump with 20" barrel with black "post", no bead. Real basic unit but it has a pic rail on the slide for a flashlight, etc. Made in Turkey by Francolin. Bud's LINK Both guns came with the slings shown.

These guns are sort of a "sadness" purchase because I missed out on a local auction on a black 88 Bantam 20ga pump. :D I wanted to bid it up a little but got there too late and someone got a good deal at around $150 plus tax/fees. I desire a pump 20ga to shoot any ammo the Thug (SA-20) will not cycle. I probably have more 20ga than 12ga at this point. But it looks as if I'll have to stock up on 12ga now... Might get an Opsol for the 590--I have one on the 500 and it works good--think it holds eight, up from five 2-3/4". I wonder how many shorties the 590 will hold? ;)

nosale.JPG gbmariners.JPG
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Range Report:
Went to range today with my dot's BF. He and I burned up a box/25 each of 7-1/2/1200fps in both 20ga (7/8) and 12ga (1-1/8?) Federal bulk. Gee golly gee, the shiny 590 shot just swell! :)
The Gforce was rather tight with some FTFs and I'm finding my thumb is too fat to properly push 20ga into the mag tube and not just this gun but also my SA-20. :rolleyes: I was having to push with my finger to get the rounds in far enough to be captured, the last of the 5 rounds being extremely difficult. I'll eventually strip it down to see if any parts need me to work my magic. ;)

PS: although I didn't shoot any today, I DID see how many shorties fit in the tube of the 590 and that number is 12... :)
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