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Just bought a 935 and I have a couple questions


I did a law enforcement test on the Mossberg 930 SPX with the Choate pistol grip stock. The gun was amazing. It fired everything I could put through it and the pistol grip stock managed recoil very well. The LPA rear ghost ring and red fiber optic front were fantastic. I shot a ragged hole at 50 yards with 2 3/4" slugs.

Here's a pic of the 930 along with the 500 Tactical I tested along with it:


Here's a link to the review: http://www.hendonpub.com/resources/arti ... ls?id=1110

A co-worker took me duck hunting in a floating blind last year and I had a great time. I used my grandfather's old Browning and I didn't want to use it again this year if I'm lucky enough to go again.

So I walked into Cabelas a couple weeks ago with $150 in gift certificates and a $20 coupon. They had a Mossberg 935 duck camo on sale for $100 off at $599. With all my coupons and gift certificates, I bought it for $429.

It came with the three standard chokes (full, modified and improved cylinder). I really like the 1950's Ithaca RayBar front sight that came on the shotgun.

I'm totally set for ducks this upcoming season. Here's the gun:


I read in the owner's manual that 2 3/4" shells are not to be fired in the gun. I figured they couldn't actually hurt he gun, but they most probably wouldn't have enough "oomph" to cycle the 3 1/2" Magnum action.

I took the Mossberg to the trap range and single loaded 2 3/4" Federal #8 target loads (Wal-Mart) and the gun performed flawlessly. Every shell ejected smartly and I hit 21 out of 25 my first time shooting this shotgun. I was very happy!

So do you think the gun will jam with more than just one shell in the chamber? I have no real need to do that since I only load one shell at a time for trap shooting. But I'm curious.

After enjoying the 930 SPX I tested so much, I ordered the pistol grip stock from Choate. It fits either the 930 or the 935. After duck season, I want to put the pistol grip stock on my 935 for 3-Gun competition.

Now I'm wondering about extra barrels. The 930 SPX had a cylinder bore barrel and I fired 2 3/4" slugs out of it no problem.

The 935 does not offer a cylinder bore barrel on Mossberg's website. If I buy a rifle sighted, rifled barrel slug gun barrel...what kind of "slugs" can I shoot out of it? Standard rifled slugs? Only sabot slugs in a rifled shotgun bore?

One last question is does anyone know if the 930 barrels (they offer a cylinder bore barrel for the 930 on their website) will fit on the 935 gun? Obviously the 930 barrel would only take 3" shells.

I'm interested in making my duck gun serve double duty as a 3-Gun competition shotgun. I just need a barrel to fire slugs and target loads in it reliably and safely.

Thanks in advance for your answers!
There should be no reason you cannot fire 2 3/4 inch shells out of your 935. The lighter loads may not cycle as reliable but there is no safety issue that I am aware of. You can find many videos of people doing it on YouTube.

As far as I know the 935 barrel will not fit a 930 nor will a 930 barrel fir a 935. I'm I'm wrong, someone please correct me on this.

Are referring to the smoothbore slug barrel? Mossberg does not make one for the 930 or the 935, but they do have a 18.5 " smoothbore, bead sighted Security barrel for the 930 and the SPX barrel which you are already familiar.

If you really wanted one for the 935 you could cut down an longer barrel.
The Choate pistol grip stock (the same one that comes from Mossberg on the 930 SPX Pistol Grip) came in the mail directly from Choate yesterday (fast shipping!) and it went right on the 935 no problem.

The pistol grip stock works perfectly for lining up my cheek and eye with the red bead front sight. I may try trap shooting with it just to see if I can hit as well with a pistol grip as with the standard rifle stock style grip.



It sounds like I'll need to pick up a 935 extra barrel and cut it down to 18.5" to get a cylinder bore barrel I can shoot standard slugs in.

Then it should be good to go for 3-Gun competition as well as being a great duck hunting shotgun!
mm6mm6 said:
It sounds like I'll need to pick up a 935 extra barrel and cut it down to 18.5" to get a cylinder bore barrel I can shoot standard slugs in.

Be aware that the 930 has an overbored barrel. It is internally bored to 10G dimensions. OFM does not recommend shooting slugs in them because the slugs may tilt and possibly become lodged in the barrel. They have specific barrels for the 935 that will accomodate slugs, I believe all of them are rifled though.

Also being overbored will cause a loss of pressure (i.e. velocity) as the gasses will escape around the slug rather then being trapped behind it. This lose fit and loss of velocity is what may cause the slug to become unstable within the barrel.

Sorry, I didn't realize you were thinking of shooting slugs when I mentioned it before.

That said, that's a nice looking 935 you have there.
Hmmmm...That may be a snafu in my plan. I was really hoping to use this gun for both duck hunting and 3-Gun competition. I was even thinking that standard 2 3/4" rifle slugs would be good to go with one of the 935's barrel's with the built in scope mount. I would cut the barrel to 18.5" to eliminate the choke tubes at the end and end up with a cylinder bore barrel. The included scope mount could be used to attach an electronic red dot sight. All I would have to do is swap out my duck barrel for the custom shortened barrel and the stocks and I'd have a purposebuilt 3-Gun competition gun. (as long as it would feed 2 3/4" shells, which I'm hoping it will after some duck hunting with 3" shells)
I fired the 935 in a "woods walk" course with steel knock down targets, using the pistol grip stock. The gun was amazing! The Mossberg 935 fed, fired, ejected, cycled, and chambered 2 3/4" Federal #8 Target loads from Wal-Mart without a problem. It also fired 3" duck loads perfectly as well!

Here's my friend shooting my 935 in the woods walk:


And here's my 935 next to another friend's Jerry Miculek Pro Series Tactical Mossberg 930:

Nice pics. I've been wanting a 935 for a while.

I thought I had a good used one lined up last summer but it never came to be.

I did end up getting an 835 that I overhauled and it has been pretty nice.
fyi - the 930 barrel will fit the 935 but you will only be able to chamber 3in an smaller shells . "most" of the 930 parts will swap over to a 935 - stocks , sights , safety , trigger , for grips , and barrels ! i have the 935 in black and i love it ! it shoots like a dream !
For an update on my post, I bought a 935 camp barrel (not the same camp as on my duck hunting factory 935) from Mossberg via mail order. I then had a friend's machine shop cut the barrel down for me. The guy who did the work cut the barrel down so the threads for the chokes were eliminated. He was then kind enough to re-thread and attach the front fiber optic sight as it came from the factory.

I added a Nordic extended magazine tube and the Choate pistol grip stock. I went to the range today and test fired it. Everything worked perfectly!

2 3/4" slugs and 00 buck fired accurately at 25 yards, dead on where I put the front bead. In this photo of a target, there are two Kaviar frangible 12 gauge 2 3/4" slugs and two Winchester 2 3/4" 00 buck shells fired into the target at 25 yards:

I cleaned everything and then reassembled the Mossberg 935 back into its factory duck hunting mode. The wood plug is back in because duck hunting season is only 2 1/2 months away and 3-Gun season here is over.

I'm hoping to do better than just the one mallard I saw last year (at least I got him!):

Good to hear your 935 is working good for you.

You should be good with shooting any 2 3/4" shells as long as the charge weight DRAM equivelency is 3 or greater. As you said the Federal #8 worked good for you as they did in my 935 as well. I am pretty sure that the Federal low-brass shells I was using were 3 DRAM equivalent. The only problem with that is that many manufacturers don't explicitly list the shell's charge weight on the box of amunition.

And nice job on that drake!!