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Law Enforcement Version of "Me Too"


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I'm not sure where it started but I thought it worth documenting. Law Enforcement in anti gun states are publicly resisting big city liberal anti gun laws. I'm hoping we can keep adding to this as more law enforcement make a public declaration to not enforce anti gun laws. This is certainly a slippery slope but then again so are the idiotic gun laws they are putting into place.

Washington State has had about a dozen rural sheriffs announce they won't enforce the voter approved I-1639 that would raise the age for buying semi auto's, tightens background checks and makes the gun owner a criminal if they don't store their guns per state requirements and the gun is stolen and used in a crime.

Here's one from Maryland's Sheriff Lewis of Wicomico County: "We’re gonna let them know that we are sick and tired of being penalized for Baltimore City’s inability to control crime. If these bills pass, we will not comply."
While I do like it, my opinion is much the same as when companies and businesses selling items gets into making political statements.

This is another of those times when it's better to just not do what you're not going to do and just keep your lips shut about it.
Along with what John A posted, at least some of the sheriff's have been accused of playing politics with their non enforcement announcements.
Colorado has had a couple of counties declare themselves 2nd A sanctuary counties. I'm glad they are, but like John said. Just don't enforce it, but don't make it a political statement.
Our local sheriff and local police chief both have publicly stated that they would not participate in government gun confiscation efforts.

Our Sheriff got to tell the president that at the LEOs dinner at the White House.

I was very proud to see that. Not all Californians are hopeless dweebs!
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