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Lee Classic loader

I have a Lee classic loader in 45-70 gov.
I haven't used it yet . I was wanting to know if any of you guys use one ? I plan on reloading .300 gr. jacketed bullets . I'm also going to use IMR 4198 . I don't have the money for a scale yet . Would it be safe to use the dipper that came with the kit? Or would I be better off with a scale also?

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There's an older gentleman out of North Dakota who posts on YouTube under Logcabinlooms Ghost who is a big advocate of 45-70 and Lee loaders. He has several videos on his channel which might interest you.

In my opinion 45-70 is probable one of the best calibers ever made and has a full range of load configurations.

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I would have to agree. I know I love mine . I even have a rifle in .350 ledgend . Someday I may reload for it.
I still like the 45-70 the best[emoji16].
So that's what I want to start with

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46camper, folks have used dippers for years without issues. And yes, a scale is better but use what you got.

Not sure what gun you have but if it's an old Springfield Trapdoor you want to be on the lighter side. Check your manual but if my old brain remembers right you should be starting with about 32 grains of 4198 and typically have 3 or 4 grains leeway before maxing out.

If it's a 1886 Winchester or 1895 Marlin you can typically start around 41 grains again with 3 to 4 grain leeway.

But check your reloading manual because the numbers I've referenced above are from memory!

Good luck and let us know how your reloads turn out.

If you ever want to go "up" a Marlin .450 is a great guide gun. Been out of production for years but still available If you look hard.

I have a stronger action then the trap door
I will be loading for my son's H&R handi.
Also be reloading for a CVA hunter

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Your LEE Loader can make really good ammo, but powder measuring is fairly critical. If you just had a simple scale you could even take a fired case, load a weighted amount of your IMR 4198 powder into it (verified to be safe below MAX for that exact bullet) and then mark with a Sharpie where that powder came up inside the case. Then cut the old case to the Sharpie mark and make yourself a dipper that is better than the LEE dipper which cannot possibly give you a 'one dip" weight because the LEE dipper will be too small for one drop.
Got a complete set of the Lee powder dippers (somewhere in my bench). IIRC there is a chart that gives weights to each dipper. However if a different powder is used in the same dipper you will get a different weight. They measure charge weight by volume of the dipper used.