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Chris C

.270 WIN
When I first bought my Mossie 500 a few years ago, my primary purpose was for home protection and any bugout situation that might arise. I've never carried a shotgun on a sling, but have carried other firearms in that manner. My primary use for slings is for stabilization behind my support arm elbow to hold the weapon on target. Seems all my slings are terribly uncomfortable for carrying purposes. I did a lot of research before finding the Limbsaver sling: http://www.limbsaver.com/product/kodiak-lite-firearm-sling/ . I can't recommend it enough! It not only works in the manner I usually use a sling for, but it makes carrying the 500 a piece of cake. Very comfortable and absolutely stays on my shoulder...........something I can seldom say for any of my other slings. Check it out. It was worth every penny and everyone I've let shoulder my shotgun has ended up buying one.
Thanks for sharing Chris. I really like mine too. That and proper stance/grip make all the difference in the world.
Thanks the the feedback on this.

Does the material stretch/give much? I like slings that flex well but I hate if they stretch and bounce when in use.