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Looks like time for a 940 section

First of all I don’t own a JM940 model. I do own 2 930 models. Nothing I have seen on the 940 indicates it has a magazine cut off. My 2 930 models do not have one either.
They do have a way to quickly empty the magazine tube without cycling the shot gun over and over. This could work in reverse to what Mossy Man describes. Basically it could work like this. Assume 1 shell is in the chamber, bolt is closed and there are a few in the mag tube and the safety is on and gun is pointed in a safe direction. With one hands fingers lift the shell elevator out of the way. Press the mag release button with the other hand and all the shells will empty out of the mag tube very quickly. Then cycle the action and take the one out of the cylinder. Gun is cleared. This is unwieldy but possible. A mag cut off is much simpler.
My Browning semi auto has a magazine cut off and it does come in handy.
Are you talking about a limiting plug to reduce magazine capacity to 2 shells? I was told there was supposed to be one but when I took it out of the box to put on display (I worked in the gun store) there was not one in there. When I contacted Mossberg about how to gain access to the magazine based on the the exploded parts and descriptions I was informed that the spring retainer is threaded into the magazine and you have to use a screwdriver to unscrew it - it is under tension and REALLY wants out. They informed me they were going to send a limiting plug and a lock ring that holds the sling stud into the magazine end cap.

And yes; the manual available on the website describes the procedure. They are quick to replay via email and pretty decent support. I don't know why companies don't provide updated manuals when pushing this stuff out - the youtube videos from Miculek and some of the folks doing evaluations don't go into details on the new models....at least that I could find. I'm not a duck hunter (yet) more pheasant/turkey and will probably look at trying to find out if I can change barrel and magazine for 3-gun.
KSwiss. Looking at the pic in this post it looks like you are missing a part???


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Does anyone know if the 940 JM Pro (w/ Dk. Camo) #85113 or JM Pro Field #85155, has the chrome lined barrel, chamber and Boron Nitride coating on all of the internal parts like the Pro Waterfowl model? Was also wondering if it had the stainless steel recoil spring and the self draining stock?
The 940 Pro Waterfowl is in such short supply I am considering buying the 940 JM Pro or Pro Field model and having custom Camo Cerakote done on it later.
Would I be sacrificing that much waterfowl performance by not having the external X-Factor?
How much difference in performance is the Briley External choke and the AccuSet flush chokes compared to the X-Factor choke?

Older thread but I will participate. I am a new owner of a Mossberg 940 JM PRO 9 shot here in CA. The only problem was after taking the weapon into my possession after DROS (10 days after completing paperwork here in CA) was that the other Briley choke tubes and the Mossberg manual were missing (missing CYL and IC tubes, modified was in the weapon). One call to Mossberg squared it away. Kudos to Mossberg!

This is my first gas shotgun (own a 500 SPX and a 590) and am anxious to try the 940 out with slugs now that I have the CYL choke tube. I really like the camouflage pattern on the 940 stock (two tone black and gray). I will let you know of any issues. I feel lucky to get one of these because they are scarce here in CA (purchased from an outside vendor-Classic Firearms)!

I called Briley about a Full Choke tube for a Mossberg 940 because it wasn't listed on the website. The technician replied that we could use Win-Choke tubes in the Mossberg if threaded for the Brileys. Learning a lot about this platform--this is a good forum.