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Maverick O/U Home Security 12g Shotgun HS12

I got some more plans for the SG, I want to do a 2 sided military Can/USA tribute.

Lazer engraving the stock with


And on the opposite side


(Not sure if I'm going to paint or just leave the "negative" look, your guys thoughts?)

*My color choice for the barrels/action are as follows; sniper green or tungsten cerakote?, stock fore end pic rail trigger guard, etc Black.

Tungsten looks nice, but you can't go wrong Sniper Grn/ODG


The wood is elegant.


^^^^^^^(The above SG's are newer versions of the HS12/Maverick, "Fixed Choke" produced by KhanArms)^^^^^^^

If anyone in the US can help me I am looking to purchase 2 Beretta Mobil Extended Ported chokes, (IC/M) from Beretta USA. Shotgun related parts likes chokes, stocks, etc are ITAR/EAR exempt from my previous purchases through Mesa Tactical unfortunately BUSA doesn't offer the same service. Go figure.

I would be happy to reimburse you for your time. pm me if interested. Ty.



I want to replicate the famous "FT" nose on the muzzle end(top choke red, bottom black/teeth&mouth on both sides of barrel, eyes on either side of front iron sights.

And a few other important dates and possible Lazer engraving on the action. Can't wait to get started. What do you think of my overall concept?
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I have been doing some research on o/u actions (types/function) and the issue the Maverick HS12 (stiffness only when cocking the hammers) is because they used the same springs from the longer barreled (Maverick Hunter 28" barrel)

Do a spring check. Open the gun after it has been fired, then close it. Open it again without firing it. Was it easier to open? If it was easy to open you need to put some weaker or shorter springs in the gun. Then it will be easy to open.

I will be cutting off a single coil at a time and see the difference in the ease of the "cocking the hammers" before deciding if it needs more