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Maverick O/U Reviews...

They are made in Turkey and are very high quality for the money. I bought mine a couple of weeks ago and it is awesome. I put 6 KO slugs into one ragged hole from 35 yards standing not from a bench. This shows the barrels are very well regulated. It handles like a dream. Great sights and patterned very well. I was shooting OO buck, #4's, #5's and some 6 shot that I had. I just wish it had a sling option.
Maverick Over/Under Review

Saturday I shot some clay pigeons using my brand new 12 gauge Mossberg Maverick Over/Under Hunter shotgun. My brother in law took me and some other folks shooting. This is not a full range report, but I will say that I really like this shotgun. I am not a particularly expert shot with a shotgun, but I broke the first few targets thrown. Later in the day I started missing more targets... my fault, not the gun's.

Recoil was not bad, partly because I was using Winchester AA low recoil low noise loads, and perhaps partly because I mostly fired from the lower barrel. My youngest brother, who was using a pump action shotgun, complained of a sore shoulder by the end of the day, but I had no discomfort, even though I am smaller and older than my brother. However, he was also shooting a heavier load than me, and that might explain part of his discomfort.

The gun points nicely, somewhat better than some pump action shotguns I have shot, including my old Mossberg 500.

The gun gave me no trouble. Some of the other folk had some trouble with jams in their pump action guns, especially in the Winchester 1300 that one person was using. I'm not sure why, but there were a lot more jams in the pump action guns than I would have expected. However, the Mossberg O/U functioned perfectly. By the way, the Maverick O/U is just an extractor gun... no ejectors. however, I think I prefer it that way. The lack of ejectors made it a lot easier to collect the fired hulls.

Several other people tried my shotgun and liked it, and after shooting my gun one of the nephews even told his father that he wants an O/U.

I really liked the ability to follow up a missed shot with a very rapid second shot. It seemed to be much faster than taking a second shot with a pump action shotgun.

Because the Maverick O/U has a synthetic stock and a matte finish on the metal parts it is not a flashy gun, but in my opinion the styling of the gun is very nice. To me some O/U shotguns look rather clunky, but this one is almost shapely and sleek-looking. Also, at first the open space between the upper and lower barrels didn't appeal to me, but it didn't take me long to learn to like it, and now I think I prefer the gap. Besides, by not filling in the space between the barrels the manufacturer has lightened the gun a little, and I think the gun is a little less affected by cross winds and might even be a little easier to swing because of lower wind resistance.

I like the weight of this shotgun. If my postal scale is accurate then the weight is pretty close to seven pounds, unloaded. Balance also seem pretty good.

As far as the fit of the stock to my physique is concerned, I am no expert, but i don't have any complaints.

My one negative comment is that when I first got the gun it was hard to open the action and the safety/barrel selector was extremely stiff. To improve the safety/barrel selector I partly disassembled the gun and smoothed up the safety/barrel selector. Now it operates well. I also used some very fine sand paper to work on some of the parts that were making the action hard to open. (I was very careful to not let any abrasive enter the action, and was very careful to clean the abrasive completely away after I finished.) I did this with a very light touch and avoided working on any of the parts that might be critical to function, such as the hinge. The gun is still a bit stiff to open, but is somewhat better now than before. I will rely on the normal breaking in process to smooth it up further. Oh, one other thing, the labels for the safety/barrel selector were not cut deeply enough, making the markings hard to read. This is a fairly minor issue to me.

Overall, despite the few negative comments made above, I really like the gun so far. I also bought a second one of the same model as a Christmas gift for one of my sons,. He loves it, and so does his wife.

One last comment: I have coveted a double barrel shotgun since my early teen years, and finally I decided that nearly a half century of deferred gratification is long enough, so when I found an excellent price at an online vendor (gilbertsguns.com, on sale at $300, plus shipping and FFL transfer fee) I went ahead and bought two, one for me and another for my oldest son. I would have bought three but my wife didn't want one, silly girl!
Re: Maverick Over/Under

Hah! Silly girl indeed!

Not a bad report at all and admire you having the courage to get in there and slick the parts up! That would have been a last resort for me! Well done!

ps, if its ok, I'm gonna move this to the Mav O/U section.
Re: Maverick Over/Under Review

I have been looking for a review (by an owner) for some time!
Thank you!
Good luck with it and keep us posted.
OK, bought my 12 gauge Maverick Over/Under and I am one happy shotgun owner! The gun felt great, the sights were straight and I was able to hit a great majority of my clays right out of the box. I went to Prado Olympic Shooting Range (Chino, CA) and shot some trap for the first time of being a long time gun owner. I am extremely please with my purchase and I highly recommend this gun for anyone thinking about purchasing a new o/u shotgun.