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Members of Mossberg Owners, Post Pics of Your Self!

:lol: +1. Love my son to death, but some days ... and he's only 2 1/2. I was working for RadioShack as a store manager for a few years and the 60-80 hours a week was killing me, as far as not seeing him goes. I make less money at my current job, but at least I'm not missing my son grow up.

This is about it for pictures of me. I'm usually the one behind the lens. :p

Yes Rossignol, kids are awesome...and exhausting!! Lol. No family nearby to help so our kids are with us At all times, except when we are able to find help to be able to go to the gun range! :) Sna3kyguy, it took me a while to find pics of me too! I'm in almost no photos! Your little boy is cute...imagine having 4 of them with the oldest being 4, Lmao! It's like running a daycare! Ha.
Once the kids get a little older its fun to take them out.


Mine and my bothers kids.


Sorry about the crappy cell phone pic.
And of course, after spending 24/7 with the little monsters....this is how I let off some steam. Don't have one of me and my mossy...and this is not my AR....although I've begged my husband to give it to me! I posted this pic in the AR thread too.


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Here's a pic of me a few years back with the most lethal weapon anyone will ever hold in their hand!
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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good pic...

and for the rest of you...do this...

go on google.
type find chuck norris.
then click i'm feeling lucky.

ripjack13 said:
i'd have to say 93-94....it's when my buddies and i used to go to copper canyon at lake havasu for memorial day weekend.... i have video of the parties there. all on boats. lot of boobies. i don't own a camcorder anymore so they are just sitting on my shelf. but if you want to see what i'm talking about, just look for the videos (lake havasu memorial day) on you tube...nothing has changed since i've been there....
I can attest to that; I was there during a spring break a few years back and it was a wild time to say the least...
:lol: I just realized I've missed several posts! Lost of good pics folks!!!

Pretty sweet meeting Chuck Norris!

LOL, the google search is funny!
Got out about an hour and a half outside of Nashville to the Duck River yesterday with a buddy of mine and a few fellow gun nuts, err enthusiasts. We were launching floats a few hundred yards up river and takin shots as they made it down toward us. The fellas were shoot'n scoped rifles including a Remy 700 in .270 and a few 10/22s. I brought the 590a1 and a bunch of Centurion 2-3/4in 1-1/8oz slugs. On the drive down to the water all I kept hearin was, "this is gonna be tough shoot'n with a shotgun". Once I started makin shots that the guys couldn't hit with their scopes all I started hearin was, "how much you give for that shotgun?", and "where can I get one of those?". The fellas had to take turns shootn it and they all had a new appreciation for the a1 and its ghost rings. It certainly made an impression!

One of the fellas snapped a pic of me shootn...

*** Please note that no fish were harmed in the making of this photo. :lol:
We started the day with some long-distance shoot'n at just after 7am, ran some two-gun courses, and we didn't get down to the river until around 2:00. It was a long day of shoot'n and we were all pretty worn out when we wrapped it up. It was one helluva fun time...
Looks and sounds like one awesome day Sniper...!!

( *** nice disclaimer... :mrgreen: )