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Monster down!!


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Ok, not really a monster....

I had zero luck this last weekend of muzzle loading for deer here in MI but while helping a friend check some traps I did score a Tree Rat! :lol: :lol:

Thats one heck of a big tree rat. :eek:
If you need any help gettin it in the back of the truck, give me a call. :lol:
I'm thinking your gonna need that chain in the background to hoist him up and skin 'em.
Congrats. No easy feat with an open sighted pistol.
We used a game cart to transport him from the woods and then used the chain hoist in the background to lift him up. I think I pulled a hamstring rolling him onto the cart. :lol:
I hate to tell ya, but I think these guys have you beat...

I don't know, Looks to me like they just got more creative with the camera angle, wide angle lens, etc. ;)
You still get mad props for takin yours out with an open-sighted .22 though. Looks like Rambo there had to use a scoped AK...
You still get mad props for takin yours out with an open-sighted .22 though.

Thank you
Here's what I use to nail them varmints in my backyard in Pennsylvania...all the neighbors hear is them droppin' from the tree into the leaves... ;)


.177 pellet @ 1000 fps..."whispering death" to all tree rats !!

All my kill shot photos are on my old Razr cell phone...can't transfer them to show you how many, but it's got to be close to 100 by now...
We don't have fox squirrels in my area.

I have only seen 3 in probably 25 years of hunting.

I have seen many grey squirrels that has a lot of red/orange around their belly and feet, but only 3 legitimate full fledged fox squirrels.

Nice work with that .22!!!

We dont have them here either, or at least not that I've ever seen.