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Mosin Nagant

They're fun shoot'n that's for sure.

I just miss the days when you could pick up a 91/30 for $70-$80...
Just picked up another Mosin. This time a Sniper version. Cant wait to get to the range and test it out. All matching serial numbers on the bolt, mag plate, receiver and scope rail. Mosins are great to collect

Very cool. I miss mine, wish I had kept it.

You might find something like this extremely useful.

http://tacticalgear.com/blackhawk-cheek ... 7AodS1AAEg

With the scope so high off the bore its a chinweld at best and not all that comfortable. The padded cheek rest comes in handy. Depending on which one you get also nice if it has the elastic loops for extra rounds on the side (ala shotgun shell caddy style).

If you have trouble sighting it in heres an excellent place to reference for doing just that.

http://www.mosinnagant.net/sniper%20sec ... ghting.asp

Have fun shooting that beast.
Picked up an M44 from a friend today. He had never shot it. First three shots were left. Held over and this was she second group at 200 yards with open sights and silver tip ammo


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They are zeroed with the bayo extended. When you shoot again extend the bayo. Bet you money they hit much closer to point of aim instead of left.

If you want the bayo closed or decide to remove it entirely a punch and hammer is all you need to drift that front sight over a bit.

Have fun with your new carbine. A limbsaver is worth every penny on those. Gotta love the big ol fireball in broad daylight outta that carbine length bore with the 54r ammo :D
Nice shoot'n!

Hard to beat a Mosin for cheap fun at the range. You did good get'n you hands on the m44. They've become pretty scarce in the past few years and these Mosin rifles are likely gonna get more difficult to get our hands on in the near future...
They have gone up in price in England to. A few years back you could get a crate of them into the dealership for £500 now they go for £250 to £350 for an M44. Snipers are between £500 to £900. Its funny as 20 years ago every dealership had them sat in storage an no one wanted them
Not all Nagant's but cant beat collecting old milsurp rifles

Mosin Nagant Sniper, Mosin Nagant M44, Enfield .45 acp conversion, Swiss K11, Enfield No4 MK1 ROF Fazakerley and a French Mas 36.

I already drifted the sight. But after about 10 shots my shoulder said enough. I was just amazed at that first group that hit steel. Its a better group than my .308. Which is kind of sad.
I need to drift my sight yet... shoots about 1ft to the left at 100yds. I figure 1/8" to the left drift should correct it for all intensive purposes.

ChrisMetallica... that one on the Far Right looks wicked! Bolt Action M1 Garand is what comes to my mind lol
Unlike a Garand's gas cylinder underneath it's barrel the French Mas 36 has a spot for stashing the bayonet. However being French most folks bring home their new rifle to find a white flag stashed there instead :lol:

No offense meant to any French folks that might visit this forum. My comment was just for a few laughs.
Lol that's pretty funny! I have never seen or heard of one before.
The depths of the internet report very poor accuracy and a few YouTube videos back this up :/
It isn't that great of a gun but it fills a void if one is trying to collect milsurp rifles and is representing as many countries as possible. Looks like chrismetallica is one of those types of folks ;) BTW you need a Mauser or two next. Nice collection so far.

I've known a few collectors who have an MAS36 in their stash but only handled, never fired one. The MAS49/56 is a neat beast. It's the semi auto that replaced the 36. I wouldn't mind owning one of those except that it shoots the 7.5 x 54 French round like it's earlier brother the 36. Not easily found these days or cheap when you do see it. The surplus market has pretty much dried up unfortunately.

Back to the topic at hand, if you ever come across a good example of a Finn M39 go for it. Best example of a Mosin Variant you can probably find. Unless its just been extremely neglected somehow those as usually considered the tip of the iceberg as far as Mosins are concerned.
Its funny you should mention the Mauser. My wife is buying me a Mauser K98K as an early birthday present. I'm picking it up on the 17th of this month. She found a rather nice example of a Persian contract Mauser carbine. It has full Persian markings with the royal crest on the action and all the side markings are in Arabic script. These are the pictures I cant wait to pick it up for my collection




Still got my eye out for a good Arisaka type 99 with an intact chrysanthemum. On day I will find a good none captured one

All the best

I've been having an itch for a German K98... So I can have the WW2 trio of the Mosin, Garand and Mauser!
Good stuff going in this thread. Damn kinda makes me want to really get back into acquiring milsurp guns again.

Thats an Iranian made Model 49 or least the stock is. If it is a true Iranian made 49 its patterned after the M30 Czech made contract carbines. It could also be a bonafide M30 barreled action in a later Iranian made stock. There are mixmasters out there. Key indicator, is the rear sight ladder indicators stamped in arabic or roman numerals? If Arabic, then earlier Czech made contract rifle, if Roman numerals the later Iranian made one. There may be other marks to identify it but thats all I can remember off hand right now. Regardless of which one neither is exactly a k98 but never the less still a pretty neat piece. Get ready for the fireball that rifle is going to produce! LOL :D

Good find for sure.

If you really like the Masuer patterned carbines another one to keep an eye out for is the Spanish FR7 or FR8. I'd prefer the FR8 personally, the 7 is based on the small ring Mauser action and the 8 is the larger one. If you know Mausers the extra metal and bolt lug is more desirable of the two. Extra insurance is always a good idea. They are chambered in .308 and were meant as a training rifle before Spanish troops graduated to to the CETMEs. Really neat to have for your growing collection if you ever stumble across one. Very similar appearance to your new Iranian carbine.
^^^ that guy knows his stuff ;)

There's something about owning a piece of history that makes mil-surp firearms special... I don't have the same gut appreciation for my AR as I do my Garand (even the Mosin)... There's respect for where it came from, who carried it.... and the ideals and families it faught for... gives me chills sometimes!
I used to research quite extensively with all the milsurp stuff. That way when I was out and about at gunshows, pawnshops, swap meets, buy/sale/trade forums etc......... I knew what I'd be looking at. I've been told a ton of shit over the years by different sellers. Those in the know can politely say thanks but no thanks and move along to the next guy. Those that buy it hook line and sinker later regret it when they realize they bought a story instead of a rifle and paid way too damn much. Especially with these old milsurps you get the great or grand dad smuggled this back from the war etc............. stories. Buy the firearm, not the story and pay accordingly.

If the gun itself could talk, boy those stories would be interesting. I had a nice Finn capture Mosin once that had dried blood on the stock. Clearly imbedding in the stock were three teeth marks where someone took a shot with the rifle butt to the mouth. The finish over all looked like hell on the stock and the metal. That gun had been through hell and was clearly a battlefield pickup. The bore was good though and that mofo was a real shooter. Either the Finns or a previous owner since it came stateside had done something to the trigger. Damn it was a smooth pull. Its one of the ones I'll always regret letting go. Ugliest one of the bunch. The seller couldn't understand why I would pick that one out of all the other nicer looking arsenal refurbs he had available out of that crate. When I eyeballed the SA Finnish army mark I knew it was worth the gamble. Ah the memories.