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Mossberg 500 Pump Action Photo Gallery

did the furniture switcheroo on my 590A1 and 500ATP. Now I think I need to lose the light on the 590A1 and put an Aimpro Heat Shield...


I love the ATP! I have the 5 shot version, and built an 8 shot version from a Maverick 88

025.JPG 027.JPG
Well if ya ever needed em for serious social work prolly only take a couple :ripper:
PS love the shotty we have same for last stand in the bedroom
My dad always kept his JC Higgins 12ga in the bedroom closet and buckshot shells in nightstand. I only seen it loaded for hunting and MLK riots .
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my 500 in 20 G with a field barrel. I am waiting on the 18.5" barrel to come from Mossberg. After I put it on I will update the photo. second photo is the 500 with the 18.5" security barrel.



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Here's mine, it's a 500 Field that I modified a bit. I use it mostly for clays and bird hunting but in a SHTF situation I'm confident it would work. Right now I'm more concerned about riots than home invasion, but that's not what I have it for anyway. Now if only I had some ARM Gatekeepers...


It started life as a new 500 Field with a 28" accu-choke vent ribbed barrel. I added a Choate forend, homemade sling, Hivis green fiber optic bead, and an extra 16 rounds in the ammo carriers. I kinda think it needs a collapsible stock in the rear but at the same time it looks unique as is and points real nice too.

Let me know what you guys think.
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