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Mossberg 590 Pump Action Stock Options


I had seen this from two other posters, but I can't find their pics, so here is mine.
Limbsaver does not yet make a recoil pad to interface directly with the Magpul SGA Stock for the 590. However, there is a backdoor way into putting one on. In addition to the Limbsaver part (10101), you purchase a MagPul 870 OEM Butt-pad adapter ($11 bucks at Amazon). This adapter plus the Limbsaver interfaces perfectly with the Magpul SGA Stock.

My pic below shows my final stock setup (plus I show the original Magpul SGA butt-pad adapter above it). LOP = 13.5" (with two of the Magpul spacers) which I think is about optimum for most people. This is the middle setting, so you can add 1 or 2 more spacers or remove 1 or 2 based on your build and preference.


While the original Magpul recoil pad is much softer than the OEM Mossberg pad, the Limbsaver is softer still. I also like the way this pad fits my upper arm/shoulder compared to before.
IMO, this is a sweet setup.

Old post, but I wanted to add some clarifying comments in case anyone is trying to add the Magpul stock to the 590 or 590a1.

I went with the Magpul stock in order to better customize the LOP and cheek position/weld. Also, the Magpul stock offers better recoil pad options over what was available for the synthetic speed feed stock (for some reason, none of the limbsaver recoil pads work with that stock).

I went this route: I installed the Magpul SGA stock, with the SGA adapter kit and the Limbsaver recoil pad for the Remington 870 (since limbsaver doesn't make a pad that fits directly onto the Mossberg version of the Magpul stock).

Parts needed: Magpul stock (for the Mossberg 590); Magpul SGA stock adapter kit; Magpul cheek riser (I went with medium height); Limbsaver recoil pad (for Remington 870 version of the Magpul stock).

Also, you will likely need to go get some bolts from the local hardware store, as neither Magpul nor Limbsaver offered bolts which would secure the Limbsaver recoil pad to the Magpul stock (maybe the packages were missing components, but neither company was helpful in offering replacement parts).

2 main issues with the install:
1) As was previously mentioned, neither Magpul nor Limbsaver offered actual bolts that would fit and secure the recoil pad to the actual stock. I went to a Home Depot and picked up some appropriately sized bolts. Also, the bolt holes on the Limbsaver pad had to be enlarged somewhat (using a drill) to allow the bolts to pass through the pad and screw into Magpul stock. Not a huge ordeal, but it’s a little frustrating that neither company addressed this issue.
2) The SGA adapter kit (which allows the Remington-specific limbsaver recoil pad to fit on the Mossberg-specific Magpul stock) had fitment issues. The adapter kit uses the Magpul’s original slot-head cross bolt to secure in place. The problem is the cross bolt was grinding into the adapter kit somewhat. There was some filing and elbow grease required to make the bolt fit.

Neither issue was a deal-breaker, but added a bit of frustration to the installation process. Otherwise, no major complaints with the above aftermarket components. The Magpul stock is a good improvement over the OEM stock (LOP and cheek position can be customized to each individual user). The Limbsaver recoil pad does a good job of softening the recoil.