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Mossberg MMR Hunter Tactical AR15 5.56 .223 Reviews


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This is a thread dedicated for the Mossberg MMR Hunter Tactical AR15 5.56 .223 reviews.


Well i took my hunter out today to try different ammo, i had been using the pmc bronze but after using the umc white box 55 gr i think that i made an improvment here :!: , the 3 shot group measures :shock: .742 center to center :eek: , using my bags of course.

Im Happy.


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I purchased a tactical two weeks ago. Wait for shipping. Wait for 10 day cool-off period. Wait for pick up.
Done waiting and off to the range.
This is what I bought:
http://www.tacopshop.com/store/p1/Mossb ... nt%29.html
I wanted to get everything all at once and not have to jerk around hunting down accessories.

This is my first AR but my second choice. My first was FNH scar 17s but I couldn't afford one.

First impression. This is bass ass. It's light even with the extras and the case is heavy duty stuff.

At the range, I used federal and Winchester 5.56 52gr and went through about 400 rounds without a hitch. I didn't clean it before I went. It took a bit to get the scope dialed in for 100 yards but once we did we hit coke cans easily.
Again - a total newbie with any kind of rifle and my first time shooting one.

The MMR has very little kick and shot it for 3-4 hours without a break. My Glock has a worse kick than the mmr.

I have to say I'm very very happy with my purchase and look forward to hours at the range.



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Thanks for the write up Dr.Herb. I'm glad that you like it so much. What are the future plans for the MMR? Hunting, target shooting etc?

I hope you post up some pics. We don't have many MMR pics yet.
Here are some pics of my MMR.
My plans are mostly just target shooting and getting as good as possible.
I'm not much of a hunter but who knows that can always change.


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