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Mossberg Serial Number Data Base

Thank you for posting your numbers. I'll update our data base.
Yup look's like 1984.
I am new to the Mossberg family. Just purchased a used Mossberg 4X4 .270 WIN
SN BA286XXX I called Mossberg and Manufacturing Date is Apr 4, 2011
Thank you for posting your numbers. I'll update our data base.
16 ga. I am kinda surprised that there hasn't been any other than the one I posted. I have given some time to see if any others would have popped up i have found the date of 1969 on my 16ga entry
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Looking to date two guns i just picked up that need some tlc. H0514xxx and H0617xx, they are both 8 shot with the bayonet lug. I'm guessing around 77 or78?
One of them has a broken magazine tube, which seems impossible to find now. Did they change the style of the tubes at some point? These have two thin metal rings mounted on the tube (bushings for the slide?), and a lot of the new tubes don't appear to have them.
Any info would be appreciated.

Welcome. Looking at our data base best guess is they are both 1977.
Thank you for posting your numbers.I'll update our data base.

As far as the mag tube goes you have the early type with the two bushings on it. In order to remove the action slide you need to remove the mag tube first. The action slide comes off the rear of the mag tube.
old type mag tube.jpg
This is actually what I purchased. Someones long forgotten basket-case. There are more parts in other bags not shown, so I'm pretty certain everything is here lol.
Looked like a fun challenge. Getting them apart isn't an issue, though the info will certainly come in handy during assembly. Thanks.


I have a Mossberg 100 ATR chambered in 30-06 SPRF

Serial Number is BA0026XX

Date of Manufacture from Mossberg August 2004
Welcome. Thank you for posting your numbers. I'll update our data base.
Hello, I have a Mossberg 464 30-30 lever in marine coat, walnut stock.
Serial # LA056xxx
Manufactured December of 2014
We are getting together a Mossberg serial number data base. I know there are a lot of members wanting to know the date of their Mossberg's without the hassle of calling Mossberg or Havlin.

We need member input for this to work. We are asking for the first few digits of you serial #, (A123xxx)and any info you have on the gun.(box label,,date bought)
We are trying to make this a quick reference chart for members who want to find the date of their Mossberg.
Thank you in advance for the help.

A big thanks to blacksmith who is also working on this project and a chart for this.

This is what we have so far,,,,,
Will edit list as needed.

Just bought a "Used" Mossberg SA-20 Youth, in original case, with 4 Spacers, 4 additional Chokes & "Cross" Choke Wrench; Looks like never fired. Serial # KA364xx, Original receipt says purchased "02/05/2020." I do NOT have to press the Bolt-Release Button before loading through Loading Gate, and the Magazine Tube Limiter (for Hunting) just pulls straight out of the Tube after removing the cap. I'd like to know how to remove the Magazine Tube Spring "Holder Thing", as it doesn't just push-in & turn to allow to pop up & out.

Might want to add a Mag Extension tube when not hunting. :rolleye:
Thank you for posting your numbers. I'll update our data base.

You should post your question in the SA-20 section under shotguns for a quicker answer.