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I have 3. I will work on some pics for later but for now they are a Leatherman Wave and a Surge. The Wave never leaves my duty belt for work. The Surge is in my truck just in case. The 3rd is a Swiss Tool by Victorinox. That is always in my pack or pocket when I am hiking. Next I will either get an SOG or a Gerber.
Pictures to come later today but I just picked up a new Leatherman OHT and let me tell you this thing is a beast. Going to post a pic of all of my multitools later. This new one is awesome.

As promised from left to right...

Leatherman OHT, Victorinox Swiss Tool, Leatherman Wave, Leatherman Surge and the Victorinox Tinker.

My initial impressions of the OHT are that it has it's pros and cons.
Pros : Complete One handed operation.
Went back to screwdriver blades instead of odd shaped driver bits
All blades are user adjustable and replaceableincluding the wire cutter blades.
No play in any of the blades
"Cerakote" type finish billed as being corrosion resistant
Threaded gun barrel cleaning rod hole to assist in cleaning firearms barrel (haven't quite figured this out yet)

Cons: No scissors. Replaced with a "utility" cutter and oxygen tank wrench.
No metal file.
Outer liners appear to be very thin.

So far this one will rival the Swiss Tool as my new go too multitool. Thing just screams heavy duty. This is their version of the Gerber MultiPlier and seems to be geared towards LE/Military users since the utility cutter was added with the bottle wrench. Also the cleaning rod threaded hole.
Thanks. I love multi-tools. The only ones I didn't show is an original Leatherman tool from the late 90's and an orignal Leatherman Super Tool that was a gift from a cousin for being in her wedding. That one is engraved and has the wedding date on it.