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My NY Compliant AK47 Build...


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Which AK-47 is the best for under 500?

Like the title states I am looking to pick up a AK-47 (has to be NY compliant) for under 500 to have fun with at the range and on my property.
Re: Which AK-47 is the best for under 500?

I picked a Romanian with the wire folding stock for $250 from a friend, and I sold it for $400. You can still find them around for around $250.


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Re: Which AK-47 is the best for under 500?

I think I am going to pick one of these up :twisted:
Re: Which AK-47 is the best for under 500?

They go for around 500, the only complaint I have seen about it is that the trigger is a bit squishy compared to a normal AK but you get used to it.
Imported Romanian AK 47 rifle , 7.62 x 39 semi auto. Does not include compensator, bayonet lug and bayonet. Comes with 30 rd. double stack pre ban magazines, cleaning kit and side mounted scope mount rail. The 4 groove barrel has a 1:10 twist. Barrel:16.25", Overall: 34.25", Weight: 7.5 lbs.

http://www.k-var.com/shop/product.php?p ... 251&page=4

Rocky Mountain Tactical 2-Point Quick Adjust Sling (Single Config. Blk) And Steel HK Adapter (Black): https://www.rockymountaintactical.net/? ... e4ec93268&

https://www.rockymountaintactical.net/? ... eeccb4f49&

Black Jack Recoil Buffer:
http://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx? ... groupid=64

Very nicely done!!

I picked up a Saiga in .308 that I will be doing the pistol grip/trigger conversion on in the near future.
I just ordered 1000 rds along with a black jack recoil buffer for the ak47
Ultimate CC said:
I am debating getting a red dot scope for it but still up in the air about it. If I end up getting one I will go with the PK-ASV

I tried a few optics mounts on my AK and went with a Leapers tri-rail receiver cover. Mounted one of my Eotech 512s and had some fun, but to be honest I have more fun with the iron sights.
I agree the more I shoot it the more I enjoy the iron sights and will likely leave it as is.
SWEET! It came out great bro. I love the simplicity.

Lemme know if you get bored and wanna start AKsessorizing. I've been through it ALL with mine. Scope mounts, rails, mags, stocks, grips, you name it I've tried it. Along the way I found more crap that didn't work than did.
Yea with this build I really wanted to keep it stupid simple...I thought of putting a scope on it but I think I am going to leave it as is for now.