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My NY Compliant AK47 Build...

Fine job on that one Dan!!! She looks like a smooth shooter. Love the all black furniture. Your photography is some fine work my friend!!

I'm still waiting on my foregrip which is about a month back ordered now. I'm working out a deal with Greg at Carolina shooters for a nicer intrafuse foregrip which is about $25 more than the one he owes me. He said he'd send me the intrafuse for $15 shipped for the inconvenience. Not sure I care for it though..

Yea its a nice shooting AK47 for sure. I am very happy with the way its turned out and don't think I will be doing anything to it besides getting more magazines. Thanks for the kind words regarding my photography.

That intrafuse foregrip looks pretty nice but I am not one for all those rails generally on a AK47.



That looks great. Love the Ergo grip, too. ;)

I tried one of the Russian Kobra red-dots on my VEPR II. Tell you the truth, I have to agree with you, it's probably more fun with just the iron-sights.

I just never got use to the mount that came with the Kobra.



I would have preferred something a little less 'UTILITARIAN' looking, but then again, that is how they roll.

I did buy a slide mount with a Picatinny rail, that would slide into the side of the receiver, sits about an 1/8" above the dust cover, and is centered with the bore. It's out of the way, can still remove the dust cover, and I usually mount one of my Eotechs or Aimpoint M3 on it. I know...PURISTs are moaning and groaning, that's not Eastern-Bloc.

But like I tell 'em, 'You run what you brung'. And I'll run mine, the way I want, too :lol: