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New 935 in Indiana


My second post!
I hope to shoot my new 935 Waterfowl next week at the Camp Atterbury range. I know I've seen a patterning frame there but I didn't see it last Saturday when I shot some trap and skeet with one of my 500's. I'm going to get a JM 930 Pro mag tube and piston assembly as well as some OR3GUN parts. I'll be "having my cake and eating it too" if I can get it to cycle with moderate 2 3/4" target loads as well as 3" and occasional 3 1/2" loads.


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Welcome aboard and glad to have you. I also have a 935 Waterfowl. Great gun and it works on turkeys too.:) I went to the Proctor Range @ Camp Atterbury a couple weeks ago for the first time since it was rebuilt. Nicest range I have been to. I have been looking into OR3GUN parts for my 930 SPX and 935 as well.


I shot it this past Saturday for the first time, very small data base but only two stovepipe malfunctions out of 3 boxes of 2 3/4" shells. We were shooting Winchester Universal Heavy Lead Loads, 1 1/8 oz. #8's 1200fps. Then, just for fun I tried a box of Win AA Super Sport 1300fps loads. Wow, those empties were thrown way out there! We're going duck hunting in early December, they don't have anything to fear from me though! I need to hire a pro to assess shotgun fit and critique my technique or lack thereof.


I ordered some OR3GUN parts yesterday as well as a JMPro magazine tube they had ordered for me, stay tuned.


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Right on and welcome to Mossberg Owners!

We have a thread on 835 choke tubes which will be the same info for that 935 of yours if you get interested in experimenting. The over bored barrel has put up some nice patterns with turkey loads and the closest I've shot to a waterfowl load is a heavy weight B load. Not bad to 40 yards, maybe a little more.


I can't believe it's been this long since I've posted on this gun!!!!
I recently changed the magazine tube to a JM Pro BN tube and it was easy. The original magazine tube was only hand tightened. By using grip enhancer things from the wife's kitchen supplies I was able to break it loose and unscrew it. So, I tightened it the same way adding a OR3Gun "Enhanced Competition Follower". Also, I hated the rattle of the factory magazine round limiter so I made one that doesn't rattle. I had earlier posted that I had a JM Pro piston coming but evidently I didn't order it. The stock piston looks fine and moves easily in the barrel lug and on the magazine tube so it should be okay.
The stock recoil spring plunger had one huge divot in it so I was worried about the recoil tube being scored but it wasn't. I burnished the inside of the recoil tube with 0000 steel wool wrapped around a .22 brass brush and it's good to go. I followed OR3Guns instructions for installing their "Multi-use Competition Spring Plunger" and "Field Adjustable Spring Retainer" by smoothing both ends of the recoil spring and their lubrication suggestions.
A "Competition Forearm Retainer" has tightened the forearm over a "Marine Spacer Tube".
Pending is fitting the gun to me using the factory drop/rise shims with a "Cast/Drop Adapter".


My 935 now has right cast and along with 1/4" of drop I've been practicing mounting the shotgun. My problem is keeping my head upright. When my head is upright I see the front bead only. Now I need to shoot the thing.