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NFAA Indoor Nationals


Where's da fishes?
Spent the weekend in Louisville shooting the NFAA Indoor Nationals. Had a good time. I shoot the 50+ Men's Freestyle (compound with all the bells and whistles)...finished 16th out of about 80 with a two day total of 599-90X (perfect is 600-120X). Dropped 1 point Sunday so I didn't get a perfect 600. That 1 point dropped me from 9th to 16th.

Funny thing is after dropping that point I shot the last four 5-arrow ends only missing 1 X out of 20. The pressure to shoot a perfect 600 was off and everything just clicked. The mind can do terrible things to your performance if you don't train on the mental aspect of the game as well as the physical.

There were over 1700 shooters this year...the place was packed wall-to-wall. A couple of our club's kids came away with a National Championship each which is pretty cool considering all the time we spend coaching them.
Well done OA. Unless you've been there I's shard to comprehend the pressure of those last few shots. I've only shot in local stuff and leagues so I can only sorta relate. I hate it when everyone suddenly becomes quiet thinking they are helping you concentrate when in reality it is just adding to the pressure. LOL A perfect 600 eluded me in any documented shoots, I could hit 598, 599 but only got one 600 in practice.

I never had the confidence to shoot at the nationals or even state level.

Well done Sir!!!
Thanks, MikeD! You're right about the "quiet" especially when you practice in a noisy environment. You can hear your heart beating, or pounding, as the case may be.

At one point, while i was watching, someone knocked over a large, plastic bow case just as everyone went to full draw on the next round. BOOOM!!!! off the concrete floor...sounded like a small bomb because it was so quiet. Startled everyone...
That's really great buddy !!!!

When my oldest son was in High School, he competed in the state archery championship after winning the regional.

He placed 6 overall, but was the highest scoring freshmen.

Sadly, that was our schools' last year with an archery team. But I was still a super proud poppa. I knew how hard he worked to get to that point, and I wouldn't have cared if he had placed dead last as long as he did his best and had a good time.
Some of the kids are just outstanding. One of the big surprises we had was one of our club's younger girls. She switched from compound to recurve last summer. Less than a year later she won her first National Championship in her class. Won by a large margin. Made all us coaches and parents super proud. I know how you felt, John, even though she is not my child...
Congrats! Nice Finish!!!
I am just starting to get into Archery again.
I shot a little bit 30 years ago and recently got a PSE bow and all the goodies for a steal of a deal.
I have a 10yd range set up in my basement and am looking at possibly joining a league once I get a little better.