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pictures that make you lol

DUDE that's sick!

My room-mate in college had his spine done like that. His didn't look that real though. Creepy!
Mudinyeri said:

I REALLY wanna hear the back-story on this pic... :lol:

Me Too!!! Thats great! Maybe we can write the story on this one! lol! You know, like;

"Hey man, I bet..." or "I dare..." or "Hey do you think this can fit..." and "oh dang, wheres the key."
"Dude, chill! The fire department said theyre only like 5 minutes away..."

"Hey this reminds me of that movie where the kid licks the flagpole at school and his tongue freezes, you remember. Remember?"
Haha yeah, it was A Christmas Story!

That and the pink bunny suit had me crackin up! What a great movie...