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Post Your EDC Blade

My latest carry is a Spyderco Delica 4 with a ZDP-189 blade


My old carry with a CRKT M16-13z

I rotate between these Boker Subcoms when I'm at the office. Not exactly a knife friendly working environment so at about the size of a dog-tag these covert companions do the trick.

All but the Titan are made with AUS8 steel so not the best out there, but they meet my needs. They take one helluva sharp edge too.

1. Subcom

2. Subcom Black w/ Partially Serrated Blade

3. Subclaw w/ Hawkbill Blade

4. Subcom Titan w/ Titanium Handle (made with 440C steel)

5. Subcom Black w/ Camo Handle and Partially Serrated Blade

6. Wharcom w/ Wharncliffe Blade

I find myself reaching for the Subclaw more than any of the others. I really like the hawkbill style blade. Comes in handy for opening packages, envelopes, blister packs, etc. Would make a pretty nasty defensive tool too if it ever came down to that.
I'll have to find some pics, and then I'll add them to this post.

I dont have anything tactical like, but I regularly carry a Case, 3" fixed blade, and I have a costum skinner, with 5" upswept fixed blade and elk antler handle made by Ammo Head Design at my request! I have recently asked him to make for me something more the style of a fighting knife, fixed blade, about 7" long with a stacked leather handle on that one too. I dont know when I'll have it comissioned, but should be soon.

I'll find some pics and report back! :)

Oops! Just realized this said EDC blades! sorry!
No worries Brad. I just set up a couple threads for you to showcase your sharp stuff when you get your pics ready...
Unfortunately, no pics, just a list:
Currently in pocket:
Benchmade Warren Osborne 940 BK plain blade
-incredible knife, axis lock is very smooth and although this is old school-no assist technology
it is quick to open

For heavier duty, Emerson CQC8BT CQC 8 Wave Knife w/ Black Finish
I also frequently carry:
An older model Blade Tech MLEK
Al Mar Sere 2000
Al Mar Shrike
CRKT Hissatsu Folder
Bencmade Griptillian
SOG Twitch II
SOG Micron

But most of the time, it is the 940 or the CQC 8.

On keychain-Spyderco Jester, Swiss-Tech Utili-key and Streamlight Nano flashlight.
In the door pockets of both vehicles resides a Benchmade Nimravus and a LifeHammer.
In center storage compartments, Spyderco ladybug, Spyderco Endura and Buck Multitool.
Easier to make multiple purchases with most production-type knives than with
firearms!!! Although some custom blade prices rival or exceed that of lower cost guns.
I suppose we all wish we had as many firearms as we do knives.
Perhaps some of us do.
Another knive I can highly recommend, although not an EDC for me, more a kit, bug out bag or pack knive. ESEE RAT IZULA
http://www.knifeworks.com/ratizulasurvi ... ack-1.aspx
I'm just getn back into knives, but already have several on deck waitn for funds. First is a Zero Tolerance 0350.
Appreciate the link brother. That's a great price, and free shipping too! Best I've found was $109 + shipping. I'll be pickin one up in a few weeks and will definitely post a review with pics. I dig the SpeedSafe™ assist and the liner lock mechanism is a great feature IMO. I'm a big fan of blades you can open/close easily with one hand.
My ZT showed up today. Thanks again for the link. They got my order processed and delivered in two days. That's pretty damn good. Love the blade and it's now my new EDC...