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Post Your EDC Blade

Feels like it too. It's got a really beefy blade but it's well balanced end to end. I figured it'd be front heavy, but the steel lined frame balances it out nicely. Still pretty light at 6.6 oz though.
Leatherman Crater c33tx

Probably the Gerber...very lightweight and sharp !!

Have many more blades...mostly folders, some fixed.



oh man...i have a ton of knives...i'll go through them and take pics of the good ones...
Some nice looking cutlery up in here!

Here is mine, Nothing too special, But I have carried it for the last 8 years or so.
Spyderco of some ilk...


I have another Spyderco that is shorter and has the hooked blade.
It has served me well over the years.

I LOVE THIS KNIFE! :D I use it constantly and it has yet to begin to dull. I have a number of kershaw and smith and wesson knives but this is by far my favorite. It is the perfect size and the opening system is really cool. I had no clue that knives did that, I used to carry only assisted but if you aren't careful they can get you in some trouble in some places :twisted:

made by coast..my everyday knife at the moment.

top one is a crkt
bottom is a edge co. tactical one hander

close up of locking mech....

i don't use these at all...
top is a jim frost lock back
bottom is a lock back my uncle gave me.

top is my modeling knife when i was a kid. ( cars,trucks & home made rocket boats)
middle is my first knife ever....
bottom is my first buck knife.

these are everyday junk flea market knives....
i don't use them any more...
top is one i used at a concert gig and cut myself....i was cutting a piece of electrical tape off of a cord and somebody yanked it not knowing i was cutting....3 stitches. not bad. but i won't be using that one again.
middle one was just a cool push button ( the round button) kind i found at a swap meet in cali...
bottom one was a birthday gift...

and these are on order...i can't wait to get 'em....