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Range Bags and Carry Cases

the pardner pump rides in this


the double barrel will either get a "sock" made from a sarape, or a leather scabbard. I'm still undecided on the final barrel length on the double barrel, that's why I haven't made its "case" yet

I'm currently shopping for whatever the 930 is going in
All of them are nice a d what an awesome snake camo ....man thats sweet.... did you send it out or do it yourself ?
20150612_162915.jpg Did somebody say range?!?! If I could narrow it down to just 1 or 2, I bet I could save a few $$$ every time I go out....
worth $10 for sure.

Would be great to throw on your pack.
Ive been looking for a gerstner machinist tool box for years to put my gun cleaning stuff in and I finally found a box this weekend. The prob is I dont know if it is a gerstner as it is slightly different than any I have seen. There isnt a flip up top with the little mirror and no logos to be had. I saw one similar on the net but no info to go along with it. I think its a great find its just a little cooler knowing exactly what you have.
Can anyone give me any insight on what I might have here??
Thanks Everyone and Happy New Year.
IMG_1697.jpg IMG_1705.jpg
well I am going to go on a road trip next week......not leaving the state but going to drive about 17hrs.

Going to Baker City, spend the day on The Oregon Trail where it crosses the Snake, the Museums, the interpretative center. Then we head to Hells Canyon on the Oregon side. Then we are going to hit the John Day Fossil Beds, High Desert Museum . SInce I spend a lot of summer in a tent , we are staying in hotels.

8 bucks at Walmart

I decided to make something that wont draw too much attention to my pistol going in and out of hotels and such....

This is a great AR Pistol set up IF you have a conceal carry permit.....which I do.

one pistol, concealed and not screaming gun too much

some camp pad foam to add some stiffness

Very creative!

May as well throw a bat, glove, and a few balls in there and tell people you're in a softball league!
Very creative!

May as well throw a bat, glove, and a few balls in there and tell people you're in a softball league!
Yeah, make a little false bottom lol, well it already has one for the bat section, it could actually take a bat and it wouldn't interfere with the loadout

And being a pistol, I can cross state lines at will......well other than California, just have to do with the G29 and 10 round mags I guess when I go to Yosemite