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Range Bags and Carry Cases

I own one...it's a great way to bring multiple handguns to the range !!

Bought it through Optics Planet...$120

Features :
  • Three internal handgun storage cases with magazine storage
  • 4 outside zippered pockets for ammo and other accessories
  • Padded waist strap for load stability
  • Internal (Honey Comb) frame for rigidity of the pack
  • MOLLE webbing system that is triple stitched
  • Visual I.D. storage system for ease of use
  • An external bungee system for targets
  • Has pull-out rain cover for sudden downpour
  • YKK Locking zipper for handgun compartment
  • Hook and loop area for name or club placard

I like this for my AR:
(mine has 5 mag pouches though..)

And just a simple Allen bag for my 500T:
Well here I am late to the party. :eek: I have one called the Fieldline Pro Series. I think I bought it at Wally World for about $15. I don't have any pics but it has a 12" by 6" center compartment, a small zippered one in front where I carry my tape and staple gun with staples for targets. It has two wide mouth compartments, one on each side they can hold several mags each, and a small open compartment on the back where I keep my selection of range tools, like my screwdrivers, leatherman tool etc. I like the shoulder strap that keeps my hands empty for pistol or rifle cases and such. My wife got it for me for my birthday a few years ago.
I ordered a bulldog case for my mossberg shotgun from opticplanet...haven't gotten it yet.

I also have a plano ammo box enroute which seems like a 50 cal size . I will bring that to the range to bring ammo, ear and eye protection, staple gun , and targets.
Optics planet has a terrible reputation for taking your money and then ordering the item that you ordered and have it drop shipped to you from someone else.
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So, I've not seen a definitive solution of a tactical scabbard for a M590A1 20" 9+1 with an AFG2 installed.

Any good leads?

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From what I've seen cheap or OMG $ they are the same. I have a Condor but I don't use it much. But I have it just Incase the need presents itself.