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Recoil Pad options for 590?

This is what mine came with.
What I want to do is be able to remove it and put an old wooden stock on it for dress-up.
How to I get past the monkey-motion inside the butt end of the stock in order to get a screwdriver through to the stock bolt?
Haven't had any hands on with that particular stock, but does the face of the pad have small slits about an inch from each end? They'd be hard to see but can be found by pressing your thumbs down together in the center and gently pulling outward from the middle until you see an opening. Once you find them, it's usually a Phillips screwdriver that does the job. A little dish soap on the screwdriver will help get it down to the screws...
For those that are interested, the Limbsaver that perfectly fits the M590 stock is part no. 10201.

Someone had said "IMO, the LOP on the 590's stock is already waaaay too long for a defensive weapon. Adding a nice, fluffy Limbsaver, or similar pad, is going to make it even worse."

The fact is that the Limbsaver is only 1/8" thicker than the original OEM pad, which IMO is a negligible increase. The OEM pad is literally as hard as a hockey puck (well not quite, but you get the idea). The Limbsaver is so soft that the difference is amazing -- best described I guess as being like pushing in on a partially deflated football.
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Hey LES, what is the slip on limbsaver model number you have?
Has anyone tried the new Aerotech limbsavers?
They're claimed to be 20% more effective at reducing recoil than the original.
Thanks, I've emailed limbsaver with no response yet on the old or new model for the 590A1.
Howdy @Stegle .

It's the "small" slip-on and the mfg item number is 10546...


I actually have an extra one laying around here collecting dust that I'll send you if you're in need of one...

Wow, what a generous offer LES! About 2 minutes after I posted that I got a response from limbsaver saying that I should get the medium in the old or the new model.
So I ordered a medium, did the small go on really snug and was that the original stock from Mossberg?
He said he would trade me if it didn't fit correctly, but I wished I would of waited and tried yours since it fit on yours. By the way your shotty looks real nice!
Thanks for the great offer.
No worries, always happy to help where I can.

did the small go on really snug and was that the original stock from Mossberg?

The small fits my 590 and 930 factory stocks as well as my Hogue 12" LOP stocks. The material stretches to fit the larger factory stocks and holds the pad firmly in place. Here are the factory specs by size...

Small = 4 – 1/2” X 1 – 1/2” Up to: 4 13/16” X 1 – 5/8”

Medium = 4 – 13/16” X 1 – 5/8” Up to: 5 – 1/8” X 1 – 3/4”

Looks like the small pad stretches to where the medium sizing begins. Keep us posted. Hopefully you won't have any issues...
I installed the a LimbSaver #10201 on my 590A1. It fit perfectly using the supplied screws. I had to do something. I took the 590 to the range for it's maiden voyage last week. This is my first 12 gauge, mind you. After 15 rounds of buckshot within about 5 minutes, I gotta say my shoulder was sore for a couple days. Hope the Limbsaver helps as much as they claim.
This video oughtta help as well.

Rob Haught illustrating the "Push/Pull" method...

Using this shooting method will greatly reduce felt recoil and help keep fatigue to a minimum during range trips...
I watched the video prior to going to the range. I didn't remember to use the push pull technique until I had fired 10 rounds. :( By then, the damage was done, so to speak.
Let us know if it helps next time out, although with that Limbsaver it won't really matter. It's gonna feel like a different gun with that thing on it...