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Re: Ruger Mark III Red Dot

Well really it's like anything. Do you want glass (nicer) or plastic? Parallax error is a bigger deal with cheaper sights. Aimpoint claims to have solved parallax error completely... For a price. I understand your concern. Spending 2/3 of what spent on the gun on the sight seems crazy. But using great gear makes it more enjoyable. Hard choice.

For versatility, the best move is probably doing some research and finding one that will hold up to shotgun recoil, so you can use it for anything. Then make sure that the MOA is not bigger than 3. You can live with 4. Just sight in so that the entire target sits on top of the dot, instead of centering the dot in the bull. I have my MKIII iron sights set to hit the 10 ring on a B-17 target at 25 yards when the bull is sitting on top of the front sight. When my eyes get tired it's much easier for me to balance the ball on the seal's nose than it is for me to hold on center.

I've been playing around with the AUG but I prefer my bushnell trophy scope. It's more of a timing thing with the scope. You get more wobble so you have to time your squeeze for when you swing across the 10 ring :lol:
Re: Ruger Mark III Red Dot

blue said:
The match dot is only $30 or so more than the Burris, and has an adjustable MOA of 2, 4, 6, or 8. It's the bomb. But I thought he'd be more interested in the $40 option by his description.
I havent looked into a match dot, sounds cool
Re: Ruger Mark III Red Dot

Well I did pull the trigger on a scope a couple of weekes ago when I was replacing my .22 pistol (lost it in the break in) I got the call it was in the day I took the pistol to the range for the first time to try it out. Unfortunately I ended up with jamming issues with the pistol and when I picked up the scope, I had to drop off the pistol to be sent back to Ruger. So it will be another week or more before I have both to know how they work together, but in the meantime, I thought I would share my thoughts of the scope.

My first impression was a bit of a sinking feeling when I looked at the packaging. They took the box from their previous model and just slapped a sticker over it. Not even enough to make it convincing.



OK, it's just a box, lets look inside.

The purchase of this scope comes with all of the goodies you will need from start to finish. A very nice peice of kit. That was good to see.

You get the scope, a battery, polarizing filter, tube extension, lens covers, mounting rings and hex wrench to put it together.



As described on their WEBSITE;

"The MatchDot 30mm is only 5.1 inches and weighs just 4.8 oz. Designed for competition shooters by Camp Perry Champions. Features four dot sizes - 2,4,6 and 8 MOA and a 30mm diameter tube. Click adjustable brightness control. Available only in a Black/Silver matte finish."

The brightness setting goes to 11! :cool:


So lets see if this makes any difference.

We will start with the dot size set to 8 MOA, and the brightness set to 11, then 1.



Now with the dot size set to 2 MOA I'll do the same thing, first at 11, then at 1.



As best I can tell without putting it on a target at proper distance, I should have plenty of adjustability for the dot to suit what works best for me.

The polerizing filter is a nice thing to have and works as expected. it is designed to screw onto the end of the scope and works simply by twisting the lens clockwise. The video shows how effective it is.



Overall it seems to be one well made scope. I can't wait to put it onto my bullseye .22 and see how it does.
Re: Ruger Mark III Red Dot

Is it the pics or is that a tiny field of view ? polerizing filter is a cool addition
Re: Ruger Mark III Red Dot

oli700 said:
Is it the pics or is that a tiny field of view ? polerizing filter is a cool addition

The scope is a 30mm tube without magnification. I think it will do fine when sighting in a bullseye at a maximum of 50/25 yards.
Re: Ruger Mark III Red Dot

It's pretty much the standard for serious comp shooting on 22s and 45s. You won't be disappointed. Bummer about the gun. Both my rugers like different ammos... One fails to return to battery with remington goldens, and the other fails to return, with federals. They each process the other ammo perfectly! One is a MarkII and one is a MarkIII ! 22LR is just weird, crazy, inconsistent ammo.
Re: Ruger Mark III Red Dot

By the way I was shooting 50 yds just 3 days ago. YMMV but for me, the biggest thing about picking dot size is how much the dot dances on target. I find the smaller moves too much for my taste. I can use the biggest at 50 even though you'd think it would blot out the target.
Re: Ruger Mark III Red Dot

It looks like a real nice sight. My only experience with a sight is my Bushnell trophy red dot and its 3 moa which I like alot. We use it with buckshot and slugs, far from bullseye shooting, but I'll be watchin this to see how it goes!
Ruger LC9

Anyone have any experience with the Ruger LC9? We were at Bass Pro Shop yesterday and saw one (well the out of stock sticker for one anyways) while looking at pistols for my wife. The guy behind the counter was nice enough to pull up a few pictures for us so we could see it, but I'm more worried about its fit and feel. Nicolette has carpal tunnel in her wrists and she's worried about the recoil. She shoots my Glock 19 just fine, but she's small framed and it's not very concealable on her even with my IWB holster. Plus, she has a little trouble with getting good finger placement on the trigger unless I take the back strap off. We looked at the LCP, but I'd like to keep both of our carry weapons 9mm.

Here's our questions:
-How's the recoil compared to a 4" barreled pistol like my G19?
-How's it feel in hand? She has small hands, keep that in mind.
-How's the sighting system on it?

Feel free to throw out any other info you think may help in our decision, if you can. Thanks in advance.
Re: Ruger LC9

I wouldn't recommend the LC9 to anyone who's not going to be comfortable handling snappy little pistol. The minimal weight of the pistol alone will dramatically increase felt recoil over what you will experience from your much heavier Glock 19. Ruger's "LC" series pistols are pretty much the lightweights of the pocket pistol arena and are built for maximum concealability, not comfortable shooting.

That being said, I think it's a great little carry gun overall. However, I would consider other options if your shooter has issues with strength in her wrists and hands. That's going to be the case with most any sub-compact 9mm though. As a general rule the smaller they are they get more concealable, but tend to get less comfortable to handle.

Just my $.02 ...
Re: Ruger LC9

Shoot one first and make sure you can live with the Loaded Chamber Indicator. To me on the rugers I've shot, it changes the feel on the first shot after putting in a mag. Not a big deal at the range. Real life? Lots of small 9s out there to choose from. But as Wonky Eye said, little gun + hot cartridge equals kick. And that's fine as long as the user doesn't develop a nasty flinch.

Go to the gun shop and ask to try an S&W M&P with the small backstrap attached. Same conceal carry issue as a G19, but it might fit her hand like a dream, and like the glock, the recoil would be manageable to her.
Re: Ruger LC9

I was worried about the recoil for her with the LC9. I may see if we can find a better fitting IWB holster for her. Thanks for the input fellas.
Re: Ruger LC9

There's a lady on youtube who addresses a lot of concealed carry stuff for women. This one is on the Crossbreed Supertuck. Might want to ask your wife if she's interested in watching some of the stuff. Lots of carry bags and such. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3oPw1WCYpU&feature=relmfu[/youtube]
Re: Ruger LC9

Thanks for the link blue. We have a local female instructor that teaches a women only class I may pay the extra $$ for her to take as the instructor lets them fire her various weapons. I've been looking at the SuperTuck for myself as well so may just pull the trigger so she can test it too.
Re: Ruger LC9

I recently picked up a Supertuck for my XDm and I han't gone a day without it for about a month now. I have to remove my pistol from my waist for work but the holster is always on my side. Very comfortable and I never find it cumbersome. It will be an issue if you have been on the fence for going up a size in your jeans... *ahem*

Worth the money for sure. I am going to be ordering a second for her in a week or two.

As for the LC9 I have a friend with one and he let us both shoot it because she was looking into one. It was a bit too snappy for her to be comfortable. She settled on a XD sub-compact 9mm and loves it. Very concealable and has enough mass to absorb some of the recoil in comparison. I fired the LC9 and felt it was going to hop out of my hands when I shot it, but I do have pretty big hands so might be part of the issue.
Re: Ruger LC9

My wife is about 5-4, maybe 130 (what can I say - we're both getting up there in yrs ;) ), I bought her the LC9 for Mom's day and she swears by it.


She also has a Springfield XD SC in 9mm that she carries when she has the room for that one.


but she feels very comfortable with either one. I also added the Crimson Trace to her LC9, and now it's a cold day before I ever get to play with it :lol:

Originally I picked up the S&W .38 Bodyguard, thinking she might like it, but that is a little snappy, especially with +P rds in it.


So that sees duty as a BUG for me :cool:
Re: Ruger LC9

Like said above, she has carpal tunnel so that's where the snappy recoil becomes an issue. I think we settled on letting her carry my G19 with a SuperTuck (she really liked that review and few others we looked at) and I get to get a new gun. Win win!