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Thanks for the great info Shooter - since I posted I called Ruger and was told for $10 they would send me a letter on the history of the gun from the factory, I sent it yesterday - I will let you know what is says.
Got some time today to get in a little practice. If y'all recall, my new SR9E was shooting low and left, so I built a rest and did some sight adjustment a week or so back.

Went out today without the rest, just freehanding, and was pleased with my performance. 9 shots from 7yds, using Winchester white box fmj. A couple flyers (me ) but 7 of 9 were in the gray, 2 in the black in a pretty tight group for an old guy. ;) Fairly rapid fire, POI and POA seem well aligned. So no more messing with the sights. :)

Looks like you are a great match for your new pistol. I'd also agree that you have the sight adjustment complete.
Thanks, y'all. It's a fun shooter. If the weather let's up I'll have to work on my accuracy/precision some and run a couple drills with it. :)