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Silver Reserve I


I would like to get perspective from others regarding the reputation of the original Silver Reserves. They do suffer from a negative reputation, although the only issues I recall are breaking firing pins and complaints about the engraving.

I've had mine since January of 2006 and have never had a problem. I use it only for trap and occasional sporting clays.

I'm wondering if the problems were not across the board, but could have been specific to individual guns. I know that there was a "fix" put in to deal with the firing pin issue and mine is pre-fix ... but I've never had a problem. After all the time I've had the gun and all the rounds I've put through it, I really don't expect a problem.

I'm curious about the perspective of others regarding this gun and its "problems", especially since mine has been problem free. Part of this is because I've decided to sell it. I had one person who offered to buy it but quickly switched when he found out that it wasn't a II. It seems that reputation precedes performance.

Bad rap?



You couldn't give me one. The reason I say that is because I was given one and I didn't quite manage 40 shells through it before it failed.

I inherited the gun a couple of weeks ago. It sat in my dad's cabinet (never fired) for 8 years, give or take. When I told my dad I was finally going to take up hunting, he gave it to me...I thought I'd won the lottery...a brand new 12ga O/U with interchangeable 20ga barrel.

The firearm was won at a Ducks Unlimited auction in the winter of 2007 and sat in my father's cabinet until recently I inherited it.

The problem can be described this way:

Load 2 cartridges...close the action….fire the under barrel then pull the trigger again only for it to get stuck at the end of travel and not fire the top. Open the action...replace lower shell...close action...same result. In hindsight, my shooting partner and I never thought to select the top barrel first to see what would happen. It was getting into prime mosquito time and decided to load up and head home.

Although the firearm is "new" in reality it is 8 years old. Because my father never used it I wasn't that heartbroken but since it did belong to him, I was disappointed. After reading what I've read about the firearm, I'm not altogether surprised. In fact it was a self-fulfilling prophesy...haha.

According to what I've read...this is a "post fix" gun. TR12052956 ...so yeah, In my short experience, I'd say the reputation is well earned.


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Good to hear all it needed was a cleaning. Bummer that you did not clean it before you took it shooting.

I love my 4 Mossberg pump guns and would really like to get a Silver. .....but its reputation scares me.


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It sounds to me like the gun has very fine tolerances, which generally means that it will have a very low tolerance for dirt and detritus.

This can be particularly true when the gun is new.

Baby that Silver Reserve and don't treat it like an AK-47. ;)


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This is the beauty of this forum. Even after 2 years from the oroninal post people are still chiming in with comments and feedback. I'm glad to hear the story has a happy ending!
I have a ONYX Reserve OU purchased in 2006. It is still my go to sporting clay gun today.