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Sling Studs


.270 WIN
I've bought acouple new Mossberg shotguns in the last few months and they don't have the sling studs that go in the barrel bolt. Did they stop putting them in the boxes or installing them in the guns now, I've tried to find them at the gun shops around my area and no one has them. Where can I find just the sling stud's?
Thanks for the info. Yeah that was one of the first things I looked for was that little yellow envelope in the box. I just thought maybe they had stopped adding them in.
I'll take a look at Midway.
I've seen sling studs and swivels at Academy, BassPro, even WalMart as well. Might save you from having to order them...
Looks like they are the same,,,,,,,

Sling swivel and studs for: 500® and 590® Models
Front barrel stud #12030..........$2.72
Wood stock swivel stud #6846..$2.72
Syn.stock swivel stud #6641.....$2.72
QD Swivel loop #12032............$3.64
Stud washer #12146.................$1.00