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Started a new job at a different place... here is part of my issue gear:


Average Guy
GLOCK Gen4 G17 with night sights
Mossberg 590A1 8+1 with bead sight in almost new condition
A pretty nice AR15 that has only been factory test fired

Peeps in my division are jazzed that I can certify them on their patrol rifles that were issued but nobody had a cert to qual them.

I'm going to mount my Aimpoint CompM4s and a light on the AR, and my ElZetta light mount to the 590A1 with a trusted and rugged light, and one of my TLR-1 lights on the GLOCK17.

They are digging thru lockers to get some ammo for all the guns but I told them I certainly had duty ammo at least as good and probably better than what they provide. But hey, if they give it to me it's practice ammo or else good for other things.

Sure am going to miss that steel Colt Rail Gun 1911 and the wood and steel M1A Scout Squad but I'm cool with what I am going to go to work with.

Oh.... and a take-home car. I can start my work shifts while leaving my driveway.
The Glock armorer course you took last year may come in handy now.

Congratulations on the job. I'm sure that you put a lot of thought into it before the change.
Can your take home car still light up a football field?

HAH. I forgot about that. That car had much light output that if you were blocks away it didn't require an address to find me, all you had to do was follow the Blue/White aura on the horizon. Not that it mattered.. I went seven years without ever making a radio call for assistance.
Congrats on the new day job buddy, and thanks for putting it out there on the street. Sounds like they're going to be very lucky to have you.

One of the reasons I love my town is because of the great police force we have. These guys never get enough recognition.
went seven years without ever making a radio call for assistance.

Reason for that: Most of the time backup was at least ten miles away and sometimes up to 18 miles. The other cops said that since they never heard me holler for assistance that they knew should "that time" ever come it must be really really bad. And I didn't want one of my friends to get killed trying to get to me, 'cuz I knew they would have the accelerator pressed thru the floor. That's when tragedies occur.

I took a couple fights and minor ass whippings when all by myself that if there had been two or three of us it would have gone the other way. And there were a lot of battles that I simply won so it all balanced out. The more years I wouldn't call for help the greater the legend grew that nitesite never calls for help. That was probably a very bad decision on my part.

This new gig will have somebody there riki-tick (<10-minutes) even if I never key up just because of the division and department I work for.
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Oh... And I decided to set aside the pistol I was issued and I am back to carrying my O1980RG Colt Rail Gun with a TLR-1 and three extra 7-round mags.

I really LOVE the G17 Gen4 (my second favorite duty gun) but there is nothing like a 1911.

Either is A-OK wifff me but damn I like carrying a good 1911.

I can be a shooter, or I can be a gunfighter. But I can't be a casual plinker.
Nothing I shoot better than a 1911. Sure I can hit with any gun in my hand. But a 1911 points naturally, grips perfectly, and cycles like a boss.

Draw to first shot I got down to 1.06 seconds with my 1911.

Only draw back is the grip safety.... really looking hard at the Wilson EDC X9. 1911 double stack with no grip safety. Must be an effing boss to play with.

When I move that will be my treat to myself. Makes zero sense to buy a double stack 1911 and be limited to 10 rounds in communist russia.
@Water Monkey, You could also look at the Sars Arms K245 for a nice full size doublestack 45acp. Uses Para P14 mags, and what's not to like about 15 rounds of 45acp?

Has the same grip angle as the 1911. All steel. Rails like the CZ75. Very accurate and well made gun indeed. Sars USA is starting to import the C (compact) version with 4 inch barrel that's surprisingly reminiscent of a commander.


My full size: