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Supreme Court strikes down Stolen Valor Act


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This kind of went under the radar after the Obamacare ruling:

USA Today said:
The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a 2005 federal law that punishes people who lie about medals and military service, concluding it had a sweeping and chilling effect on free speech.

Link to full story

Truthfully I don't see how lying about medals falls under freedom of speech.
Its a sad day in america. I feel like they should have just spit in all the men and women faces who served and actually earned their awards. I havent earned any crazy awards since I have been in but I am proud of what I do have.
I understand the desire to protect free speech. I also rather like when idiots speak, its helps us spot them well in advance and we're better able to steer clear.

I agree though, I dont see how its free speech to lie about awards, medals, and ribbons not earned. Especially if its bein used for some sort of gain.
Actually, I was pretty sure stolen Valor wouldn't pass Constitutional muster. The Founding Fathers envisioned Citizen Soldiers. Not a protected and Privileged Military Caste as was the case in Europe.

I don't think we need Special laws to protect Soldiers honor any more than we need laws to protect Gay's from so called hate speech.