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The democrats are all used up

I can't do facebook or twitter. It's worse than shopping at Walmart.
Old Nancy Pelosi is a sacred totem to the Democrat party, and especially to the Democrat party women, gays, and weirdos. They have to trotter out on every occasion to lead off their dirty work. Pelosi then attracts the blame, and not her guilty handlers and promoters. They are the Roaches behind the woodwork who don’t get caught or even seen.

In the old days she would be hidden away in a cozy back room where she would spout her occasional burst of age-won wisdom, amid the constant doddering of an old fool.

You don’t toss her out.

But you don’t put her on public display either, not for her dignity and not for yours.

Unfortunately half of the country has lost the idea of dignity completely, because they have seen the many and the mighty stoop to the lowest levels they can imagine.

They are watching constant craziness on the tube, and it is causing them enormous life problems, because it fosters their crazy life actions.