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What are the differences among the 500, 590, and 590A1?

L.E.S. i was just on the mossberg site & it says the 50663 has the 18.5" option although it's not selectable. Now I'm really confused. :?:
The Mossberg website is apparently designed to confuse everyone.

The 18.5" version of the 50663 is model # 51517. Check out Bud's Gunshop.com and run a search by "Mossberg 590". You'll get a better cross section of model numbers than on the Mossberg website...
Corvo450, the 2012 Mossberg catalog has a section in the middle of it that shows the model number and features for all of their offerings. You might want to contact some local gun shops and see if any have a copy...they are free too. Several shops around here put out free cataolgs the gun makers send them. It might be to late in the year to find one but I find it useful for the purpose of looking up numbers/features. It also comes in handy for a boring evening to look through and add guns to my gun bucket list.
I learn something new every day on here. I didn't know they had a digital catalog copy available. Leave it to L.E.S. to come up with a better one than me :lol: but that paper catalog can easily be toted into the throne room. My wife won't let me take the computer in there to look at a Mossberg catalog. :lol:
Well got the call last night that she's on her way, will hopefully have it in hand by the weekend, now to start accessorizing!!
Got it in hand, swapped out the stock for a Phoenix Industries adjustable stock. I'll post pics once I can get them on photobucket or some such site where I can link them
Awesome! I'll look for the pics as I'm not familiar with that stock. Keep us posted as you modify it and/or break it in. If you aren't already aware, I'd break it down and clean it good, oil wear surfaces and reassemble. I have heard the whole range of really greased up and dirty new shotguns to not very bad at all. Mine wasn't to slopped up insided from the factory.

I forgot you got it used but that's probably an even better reason to tear down and clean it.

Thanks for posting the picture link. It looks very business-like with that new stock.

I have never shot indoors...I can;t imagine how loud that must be even with ear protection.
Thanks Carbine, there aren't many outdoor ranges near me & the one I go to will be closing for the winter season pretty soon. I haven't fired a shotgun indoors either but will keep you all posted.
The noise isn't too bad with headphones and even better with electronic headphones. With regular headphones its just the constant boom of other shooters on the line making it difficult to communicate.

Lookin for hearin what you think!
Looks like the seller either uploaded the wrong photo or has no idea what he's selling. Either way, that's definitely a 20" 9-shot 590 model 50663 in the photo...
Blame my excitement at getting it, but I noticed last night as I was doing loading/reloading drills with it but it actually holds 9 rounds!! Measured the barrel also once I discovered that & it is a 20", go figure.
Hey all. Sorry to bring up an old subject but saw a couple pages back on this thread that some of the forends have the "pinned" or integrated forend without an action tube causing a small hassle with switching the forend in that you need a new action tube. Question is the quote from havlin says most 500, 835, etc after '06.... So am I to conclude that no 590 has this issue. Since I'm having some trouble finding some in stock, I was considering just getting a 500 which you all here say Is a great gun as well. Is it right to assume no 590 has this issue? If so I would rather track down a 590 when I can instead of making more complicated changes as I would like to change the forend without the hassle (or is this really not too much of a cost and hassle?).Thanks in advance.